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Double Lounger Hot Tub Options for 2024

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As you venture deeper into your journey for the perfect hot tub for you, you will come across many options. There are many—from size, depth, and type of hot tub to seating configuration, features, water management systems, and beyond.


You may have heard of a hot tub with a double lounger or a dual lounger hot tub. This article will help you explore what that means. It will also go further into depth about your many seating options when it comes to your hot tub and how seats are configured in a hot tub. This information is meant to inform you as well as educate you on how to select the best seating configuration for your exact needs.


Finally, this article will also help you explore hot tubs with varying seating options. After reading this article, hopefully, you will come away empowered to make the perfect decision for you in terms of seating, and the many other choices you get to make when selecting the best hot tub for you.


It’s important to remember when shopping for a hot tub that your seating options will vary greatly based on the type of hot tub that you purchase. Three of the most common types of hot tubs are inflatable (or blow-up hot tubs), portable hot tubs, and in-ground hot tubs.


An inflatable spa or blow-up hot tub is just as it sounds. It is considered a “plug and play” hot tub that you can bring home, inflate, plug in, and fill up with your backyard garden hose. Generally, these types of hot tubs are not designed to offer hydrotherapy through their seating. Many do not have actual seats in them so you and your guests sit on the floor of an inflatable hot tub. Others may have cushioned seats that can be purchased in addition to the unit itself.


However, these options don’t usually allow a lot of space for you and your hot tub guests to stretch out. In addition, because they don’t offer actual seats with jets, they cannot deliver the same level of hydrotherapy that other types of hot tubs can. 


Another type of hot tub is an in-ground hot tub. These are usually built into your yard, often in conjunction with your swimming pool. Oftentimes, they are made from concrete so the comfort level of the seating leaves much to be desired. They also do not generally have as high-powered hydrotherapy as other types of hot tubs. The heat of the water in an in-ground hot tub is also often difficult to maintain. This is due to the fact that most in-ground hot tubs do not have a high-quality cover that creates a seal to lock in the heat and ultimately conserve energy (and keep your utility bills low).


The third common type of hot tub is the one that most people imagine in their head when they hear the terms “hot tub” and “spa.” These hot tubs are actually referred to as portable hot tubs. This is not because they are easily transported. In fact, it is highly recommended to have a portable hot tub professionally delivered, installed, and or moved. 


Rather, this term refers to the fact that portable hot tubs are entirely self-contained. They generally do not require any additional plumbing, as an in-ground hot tub might, and yet they are highly efficient at delivering unparalleled hydromassage through specialty jets and comfortable seats designed to contour your body. 

Naturally, the seats are what this article is really intended to focus on. Read on to learn more about the seating options available in a portable hot tub and what makes them stand apart from other types of hot tub seats.


What are the seating options in a portable hot tub?

As mentioned previously, options abound when it comes to the right portable hot tub for you. One very important choice you will make is the seating configuration of your hot tub. This will impact how you relax and enjoy your hot tub every day for years to come—so this decision is not to be taken lightly.


The good news is that all the options are excellent. It’s simply a matter of which seating style works best for you. Here is a breakdown of some of the potential seating options in a portable hot tub.


Open seating

This refers to the seating configuration of a specified number of jetted seats within a hot tub. With an open seating style hot tub, you and your guests are positioned more upright, though still in a relaxing position as you enjoy your experience.


Open seating in a hot tub is great for using your hot tub to socialize and entertain as well as relax and rejuvenate. This is because the jetted seats in a premium hot tub deliver high-quality hydromassage, while the configuration of this seating style positions you and your hot tub guests so you are facing each other as you unwind and enjoy your spa experience. This makes looking at one another as you’re conversing with your hot tub guests easy and natural.


Lounge seat

Another option is to have a lounger, which is also sometimes referred to as a captain’s chair, or two in your hot tub. A lounge seat, or a lounger, positions you in a more reclined position than open seating. This way, you are positioned to fully be immersed in your hydrotherapy from neck to toe. Lounge seating is ideal if you next level hydromassage. This type of seating is designed to cradle the contours of your entire body from head to toe, which maximizes the relaxation and rejuvenation of your hydromassage. 


What is a double lounger?

Just as it sounds, a dual lounger or double lounger hot tub features two lounge seats. This is a great option for couples or those who would like to enjoy their full body hydromassage in tandem with a loved one, significant other, or friend.


While every hot tub manufacturer and its models are different, many hot tubs feature the option of open seating and a lounger or two. This option provides you with the best of both worlds. However, you may want to consider the size of your hot tub if you are the “I want it all” type who wants both a lounger or two and open seating. This is because the configuration of the lounge seating takes up more space in the hot tub than open seating.


For example, the same-sized hot tub, in terms of dimensions, may be suited for a different number of people based on the seating configuration. An open seating hot tub that is 84 by 91 by 38 inches, such as the Jacuzzi® J-365™ Hot Tub, can accommodate six or seven bathers while the Jacuzzi® J-355™ Hot Tub, which has the exact same dimensions but also features a lounger, can accommodate five to six bathers.


This is important to keep in mind if you think you may only need a small or medium hot tub but also want the combination of lounge seating and open seating. You may opt for a large hot tub that can provide you with more seating options while also accommodating more guests. With more space, you can enjoy an intimate soak in your lounger at times. At other times, your large hot tub will also afford plenty of open seating space for your family and friends to join you for a comfortable and relaxing social session.  

Double Lounger hot tub

Cool down seat

Another type of seating in your hot tub is called a cool down seat. This is generally smaller than the other seats in an open seating configuration and it sits more upright and further up out of the water than open seating or a lounger. Cool down seats are great for those with more petite frames, children, and those that enjoy soaking in the hot tub but prefer to sit up a bit more out of the water.


A cool down seat also provides a go-between space to transition in and out of your hot tub. If you need a little time to adjust as you enter and exit the warm, bubbly water of your hot tub, the cool down seat is the perfect place to do so.


If you are looking specifically for double lounger hot tub options, you’ll want to visit your nearby spa showroom. While there, you can explore the various options that feature dual loungers. Before purchasing a hot tub with a dual lounger, you’ll want to schedule a wet test to experience these seats, especially if you want a double lounger to enjoy with a loved one.


Depending on your body type and that of your partner who will be enjoying the second lounger, you may experience the loungers in different ways. For example, some bathers report a “floating” feeling in a lounger. This refers to the physical feeling of your body rising out of the seat. It’s very important to test out various seating configurations in a real scenario. This is exactly what a wet test is for.


During this experience, you can try out the hot tub seats while it is filled and operating. That way, you can determine if this type of seating configuration is the right “fit” for you. The seats of your hot tub should feel as though they are conformed and cradling your body. You shouldn’t have to feel as though you need to struggle against the float to enjoy your hot tub experience.


As you continue to explore the various seating configurations of different hot tub models and perform wet tests in models you like, keep additional factors such as height or depth of the hot tub, angles, and features such as specialty jets in mind. All of these things combined with the perfect seating configuration for you can complete your ideal spa oasis in your home or backyard.


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