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What is an inflatable hot tub and is it worth it?

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When it comes to relaxing while enjoying time with family or socializing with friends, a soak in a hot tub is a popular way to do all these things at once. There are many different types of hot tubs, each offering its own features and benefits. In-ground or built-in hot tubs, portable hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs are some of the most common options. In this article, we’ll focus on inflatable hot tubs — what they are, how they work, what features they offer, the overall pros and cons, general price range and more. Read on to learn more about inflatable hot tubs and then decide if this type is right for you.

inflatable hot tub

What is an inflatable hot tub?

Just as its name suggests, an inflatable hot tub is a soft-sided hot tub that can be inflated and deflated. Due to this fact, they are easily portable.


How does an inflatable hot tub work?

An inflatable hot tub includes an air blower to inflate its chambers. Once completely inflated, an inflatable hot tub can be filled with a standard garden hose. Most units can fill in less than an hour. Once filled, plug the electrical cord into a grounded outlet, put on the cover, turn on the heater and allow the water to come to temperature.


How hot can the water in an inflatable hot tub get?

With many variables to keep in mind, the water in an inflatable hot tub can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it may take up to 48 hours to reach this temperature, depending on the temperature outside and other factors.


Are inflatable hot tubs sturdy?

Most inflatable hot tubs are made with thick reinforced vinyl or latex so they are much sturdier than you might think when the word “inflatable” comes to mind. This construction allows for more cushioning on your back as you relax in an inflatable hot tub. Though fairly sturdy, they are not puncture-proof.

Where can you put an inflatable hot tub?

An inflatable hot tub must be placed on flat stable ground-level surface. Though portable and inflatable, these types of hot tubs are not designed for balconies, rooftops or elevated floors. When filled with both water and people, the weight of an inflatable hot tub can reach 2,500 pounds or more. Ideally, an inflatable hot tub should be set on a flat even surface outdoors.


Does an inflatable hot tub offer hydrotherapy?

Inflatable hot tubs have air jets that create bubbles but these do not provide the hydrotherapy that standard hot tub jets, or the quality of proprietary Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets can offer to alleviate tense or sore muscles.


How much does an inflatable hot tub cost?

Depending on the brand, size and other factors, inflatable hot tubs can range in price between $400 and $800. While this is quite a bit less than a portable or built-in hot tub, inflatable hot tubs may not have the longevity or quality of the former.


There are many things to consider when purchasing any type of hot tub, as it is a long-term investment that can be enjoyed for many years. Here is a brief pros and cons list of an inflatable hot tub:



  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to set up and move
  • Can be deflated and stored as needed
  • Good for small families or couples



  • Water can take a long time to reach desired temperature
  • Not puncture proof
  • No jets that provide hydrotherapy massage
  • Disposable — may not last longer than five to seven years, depending on usage and wear and tear


An inflatable hot tub can be a great option for many reasons. However, if you’re looking for longevity, high-quality materials and a deeper level of hydrotherapy, it may not be your best bet.


A Jacuzzi® hot tub offers high-quality craftsmanship designed to last for many years while also providing a multitude of features and options to create a complete hot tub experience.


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