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Blow up hot tub vs. Jacuzzi® hot tub?

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Whether you are just beginning your hot tub search or have been thinking about taking the plunge for a while now, you have probably realized there are a lot of options out there. You may wonder what the difference is between certain types of hot tubs and what the best option for you may be. If you have asked yourself or entered into the search bar: “Blow up hot tub vs. Jacuzzi® hot tub?”, we can help you get to the bottom of this comparison. Read on to learn more about these types of hot tubs so you can best determine which of the two might be the right hot tub for you.

blow up hot tub

What is a blow up hot tub?

A blow up hot tub refers to an inflatable soft-sided hot tub that is made from a durable latex or vinyl material. It can be inflated using a spa pump or air blower that comes with it and which also supplies jet power. Once inflated, you can simply fill the chamber with water from your backyard hose. Blow up hot tubs are considered entry-level hot tubs due to their low cost.


How much does a blow up hot tub cost?

A blow up hot tub can range in price from about $350 to $1,000 depending on the brand, size, and quality. Keep in mind this does not include running costs. A blow up hot tub can cost approximately $1.20 per day to operate. This is actually higher than the typical daily cost to operate a Jacuzzi® hot tub.


What are the pros of a blow up hot tub?

  • Easily portable — Can be set up anywhere there is a flat, level surface.
  • Low initial cost — You can purchase a blow up hot tub for less than $1,000. Keep in mind, price often reflects quality.
  • Can be deflated and inflated — This is convenient for traveling or putting the unit away when not in use for a period of time.
  • Quick set up — A blow up hot tub can be set up and filled in about an hour.
  • Easy to operate — Blow up hot tubs do not have a lot of equipment or technology to set up or manage.


What are the cons of a blow up hot tub?

  • Limited space — While it appears a blow up hot tub can fit a number of people in it at once, leg room is a commodity. More often than not, if you want to stretch out your legs, you’ll have to limit the number of people in the blow up hot tub at once.
  • Little to no insulation — Without proper insulation, it is difficult to maintain the heat of the water.
  • No seats — In a blow up hot tub, you’ll be sitting directly on the bottom surface of the unit unless you purchase additional seating cushions.
  • No actual hydrotherapy jets — While the pump or air blower provides a bubbling effect, a blow up hot tub does not offer true hydrotherapy jets that are designed to soothe sore muscles and joints.

What is a Jacuzzi® hot tub?

A Jacuzzi® hot tub is considered a portable hot tub due to the fact that it is not built into the ground or landscaping. However, unlike a blow up hot tub, a Jacuzzi® hot tub is not easily moved about once it is placed. A Jacuzzi® hot tub is made of high-quality materials. The interior of the hot tub features multiple seating option choices and a large array of strategically placed specialty jets designed to provide soothing hydrotherapy for the entire body. The exterior shell houses all the necessary parts and equipment including circulation pumps, water care systems and everything needed so your Jacuzzi® hot tub is easy to operate and maintain.


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How much does a Jacuzzi® hot tub cost?

The cost of a Jacuzzi® hot tub ranges based on size, model, collection, and optional upgraded features. A general range from $7,500 to $20,000 or more. While the price is significantly more than a blow up hot tub, the lifespan of a Jacuzzi® hot tub is much longer than an inflatable hot tub. It is also important to note that due to the energy efficiency of a Jacuzzi® hot tub as well as its superior insulation, daily operating costs are approximately $1 or less — much less than that of a blow up hot tub. Due to excellent insulation and high-quality spa covers, the water temperature can be well maintained in a Jacuzzi® hot tub, which can also help manage utility costs.


What are the pros of a Jacuzzi® hot tub?

  • High quality — From design and materials to innovative cutting-edge technology, Jacuzzi® hot tubs are engineered with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Specialty jets and seats — You can experience full body hydrotherapy to soothe sore muscles and ease tension.
  • Multiple models and seating options — You can customize your hot tub experience based on multiple models, sizes and seating choices to ensure the best hot tub experience for you, your family, and your friends.
  • Excellent insulation and highest quality spa covers — You can even upgrade your insulation to conserve heat in the coldest of climates.
  • Energy efficient — Exceeds California Energy Commission standards.
  • Smart controls — You can customize your spa experience at the touch of a button; with the upgraded Jacuzzi® SmartTub® remote management system you can easily monitor and control energy use from a smart device.
  • Accessories — Optional additions can further enhance your hot tub experience.

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What are the cons of a Jacuzzi® hot tub?

  • Not Easily Portable — While considered a portable hot tub because it is not built into the ground or landscaping, it cannot be easily transported once placed in your backyard.
  • Cost — Jacuzzi® hot tubs have a higher initial price point but are reflective of quality and life span.


Blow up hot tub vs. Jacuzzi® hot tub?

Essentially, the choice is yours. The answer to this question comes down to your preference. Your decision should be based on which hot tub can provide you with everything you want to experience from this purchase for years to come. While a blow up hot tub may be fun for a season, it ultimately cannot compare to the quality, hydrotherapy, and life span of a Jacuzzi® hot tub. Often, people buy the inflatable spa and find they enjoy it so much they make the move to the grown-up version. Whether you start your spa experience with a blow up version or jump into a full-size spa, come on int and enjoy the hot water.


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