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You picked your perfect model, thoughtfully designed your backyard, and picked your accessories. Now comes the most exciting part: how to install a hot tub or swim spa. Watch the video above to see what you can expect, and read our tips to see how easy a Jacuzzi® installation really is.

how to install a hot tub


Creating the right foundation is an important item to check off your to-do list before your hot tub arrives. Here are some options to consider.

Concrete: This is a common choice because it's often already part of a patio or garden design, and it's also strong and durable. If you have an existing concrete surface, just make sure it's level and in good condition. You can also pour a single concrete slab on a custom base.

Deck: This can be a good place to put your hot tub, since a deck is usually already level. Just have it inspected before you install your model and make sure you have the proper mounts. Most decks can hold a hot tub, but be sure.

Spa pad: Pre-made spa pads are one of the simplest solutions out there and they look great. All you need to do is clear a level area of ​​grass and topsoil, then lay out the hot tub base deck (see Jacuzzi® Brand High-Tech Polyethylene Spa Deck for an overview).


Swim spa foundation


A swim spa is the perfect centerpiece, offering the best of a pool and hydromassage, exercise and recovery—all year round. Here are your foundation options to consider:

Above-ground installations: The quickest and easiest way to install a swim spa is above-ground with a structurally-sound and level concrete slab. The concrete pad should be slightly larger than the swim spa, and large enough to accommodate steps if needed. The slab can be expanded even further to accommodate space to walk around the swim spa.

Below grade installations: Having your swim spa partially or fully submerged in the ground is an attractive option. The swim spa is placed on a concrete pad, partially or fully recessed in the ground. This needs a level concrete base and concrete retaining wall to form a “bunker” for your swim spa. It is important to plan for access to the equipment for potential service needs. Proper drainage is essential in these installations to prevent damage to the equipment and the swim spa. Please consult installation guide for more details.

Specialty installations: For any swim spa installations indoors, as well as installations on the second story or above including roofs and platforms, it is imperative to work with an expert. Consult a Structural Engineer for interior and elevated installations, and a licensed architect or building contractor to consider all the needs of an indoor or second story installation. Please consult installation guide for more details.

Frame shim for all installations: It is mandatory to have full support of all gussets on your swim spa to keep it level and prevent bowing, so you may need to add a frame shim. You may not need a shim if your slab is perfectly flat and the frame makes perfect contact with the ground. Every swim spa will be delivered with a packet of shims in case they are needed.


how to install a hot tub


Jacuzzi® hot tubs require 120 or 240 volts, depending on the size of the spa, while Jacuzzi® Swim Spas require 240 volts of electricity. The knowledgeable professionals at your local dealer can help you determine what you need.

Many people are surprised to learn that no plumbing is required to install a Jacuzzi® hot tub or swim spa. Simply fill your spa with a garden hose and balance the water as needed. Installing a swim spa or hot tub is that easy.


how to install a hot tub


While you'll usually work out the details with your local hot tub dealer, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your delivery day goes off without a hitch.

  • Check the width of gates, doorways and sidewalks to make sure your spa will pass through without obstruction.

  • Make sure the spa will fit any 90° turns.

  • Remove objects such as plants or outdoor furniture that could hinder the delivery team.

  • Consider overhead clearance: Inspect your yard for low roof overhangs, overhanging branches, or rain gutters.

  • Swim spas typically require crane delivery, as well as some special hot tub installations. Check with your dealer to confirm the needs of your install. Crane delivery is a common practice that is easy to coordinate.


Installation Guides


If you follow these tips, you'll be as relaxed on the day of delivery as you will be relaxing in your new spa. Still have questions or not sure where to start? Find your local dealer here and discuss installation ideas.