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Why Hot Tub Height Matters

Written By Erica Moir

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As you are researching and shopping for your future hot tub, you have likely considered many factors as part of your decision-making process. You may have thought about the size, style, design, and features of your hot tub. You may have already decided where your hot tub will be placed in your home or backyard and chosen the colors you like for the acrylic and cabinet of your hot tub.


However, have you thought about your hot tub’s height? The height, or depth, of your hot tub is another important factor in determining the best hot tub for your needs. While most people consider the length and width of a square, rectangular or triangular hot tub or the circumference of a round hot tub, they may not realize there is also a difference, as well as options, when it comes to the height, or depth, of a hot tub.


This article will cover the important element of height in your hot tub’s dimensions. It will also cover why hot tub height matters. Finally, this article will also offer some tips and suggestions to help you discover the best hot tub for your needs based on not only height but other factors, too.


What is the height of a hot tub?

The height or depth of a hot tub will vary based on brands and models. Typically, when shopping for a hot tub, you will be able to see the dimensions of any specific one you are interested in. When looking at hot tub dimensions, you may see a figure such as 91x91x34 or 231x231x86. The first figure is the length by width by height of the hot tub in inches, while the latter is in centimeters. You may also see hot tub dimensions noted by feet.


While this may be self-explanatory, it’s always important to know which measurement system is being used so you can best determine the size and depth of your hot tub as it relates to the space you have to accommodate. The final number in the dimension figure refers to the depth of the hot tub from the bottom. 

What is the average height of a hot tub?

All hot tub sizes and depths will vary. However, the height of a hot tub typically ranges based on its size as well. For example, small 2 to 4 person hot tubs may not be as deep as large hot tubs for 6 or more people. This is dependent on the brand and model.


But to offer an example: The Jacuzzi® J-215 Model with 2 to 3 seats and a lounger, which is considered to be in the small spa category, is 69x80x32 inches. On the other hand, the large Jacuzzi® J-495® Model with seating for more than 8 is 91x110x37.5-43.5 inches. You’ll also notice the range in height with the Jacuzzi® J-495® Hot Tub. This allows you to choose the height, or depth, from 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches that is best for your needs.


While a deeper hot tub may be preferred for taller individuals, it may also help the hot tub feel more spacious when more bathers are enjoying the hot tub at the same time. 


What other heights are there in a hot tub?

The depth of your hot tub to the interior surface is important to determine. However, there are other heights, or depths, to consider. These are important not so much in determining the numeric figure as they are in how they fit or feel to you.


For example, you may consider the hot tub bench height of an in-ground hot tub or a portable hot tub seat height. The height or depth of this will be different for every individual based on their own height and how they fit in these different seating options. The choices you have, such as open seating or lounge seating, are also important to consider when it comes to a portable hot tub.


Determining the best fit and feel for you can be determined via a wet test at your local spa dealership. This is a crucial part of your hot tub shopping journey. The seats of your hot tub are where you will sit back, relax, and enjoy your hydrotherapy. So it is vital that you feel your body is comfortable and that the seats feel as though they conform to you.


When you perform a wet test, you will get into the hot tub you like when it is operating and filled with water. This way, you can sit in the various seats to ensure you like the fit and feel. Be sure to test the jets as you are trying out the various seats. This is a great way to decide if you like the placement and pressure of the hydrotherapy. Keep in mind that you may also have the ability to customize the pressure of the jets in a particular model. So be sure to ask your spa dealer about how to operate and customize the jets in each seat.


Even if you have your mind set on a lounger option, do yourself a favor and test this seating option out as well. Since every brand and model is different, you may find that one model is more comfortable for you than another, based on your preferences.

hot tub height dimensions

Why does hot tub height matter?

Ultimately, you are probably planning to buy a hot tub to serve as a spa sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, destress, and seek comfort. So the height as well as how you feel in your hot tub are very important factors of your final selection.


Determining the height of your hot tub will not only ensure you have prepared your space properly for its delivery and installation, it will also help you decide on the best hot tub for your ultimate relaxation and comfort. After all, your hydrotherapy experiences throughout your hot tub ownership can truly enhance your life and your health. So every aspect is important to take into consideration, from dimensions and features to style and design.


What should I look for in a hot tub, besides height?

Once you have determined the appropriate height for your needs, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the best hot tub for you. Size is just as important as height. Be sure to choose the size that will best suit your needs, considering not only your height but also your own leg and torso length and those of your fellow bathers.


This is key because even bathers of the same height may gravitate toward different models and seats. Two people with different leg and torso lengths can have two entirely unique experiences based on how they “fit” in each hot tub seat.


While the remaining dimensions, length and width in most cases, will help you decide where to best place your hot tub, you will also want to consider how many bathers your hot tub will accommodate. If you are planning on soaking in solitude or enjoying hydrotherapy with a significant other, a small, or 2 to 3 person, hot tub should be suitable. If you have family, friends, or neighbors who may also want to join you in your hydrotherapy, and it is rather likely they will, you may want to consider a large hot tub that can entertain 6, 7, 8, or more. After all, a social soak can be a great way to reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones as well as a fun way to unwind any day of the week.


It is also important to seek a quality hot tub from a well-known, reputable brand. There are many options to choose from on the market. However, your investment will be best made on a premium hot tub from a credible brand that you know you can trust. A quality hot tub will be made to last, and, in general, will be easier to manage and maintain. Buying a luxury hot tub equipped with high-performing systems that will make it easier for you to care for is invaluable. Ask your spa dealer about the level of water care management systems and filtration systems that are available in the models you are interested in.


Naturally, caring for your hot tub’s water is an important part of being a hot tub owner. You will want this responsibility to be as hassle-free and stress-free as possible. The quality of the systems mentioned above can make all the difference when it comes to water care.


Insulation and energy efficiency are also important factors of your hot tub. Excellent energy-saving insulation can help you keep operating costs down and maintain your hot tub water’s heat for longer periods of time. An energy-efficient hot tub can not only help you manage maintained costs as well, but it is also an eco-responsible choice. All Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs exceed the California Energy Commission standards for spa energy consumption. So you can feel good about your choice while also ensuring peace of mind that your hot tub will have lower operating costs and will be reliable, even in the coldest of climates.


Additionally, features such as lighting, headrests, cup holders, touch controls, sound systems, cabinet and acrylic colors, jet configuration, and more will help you customize the hot tub that will deliver hydrotherapy, comfort, and relaxation for many years to come. When you are making your selections, keep in mind that your hot tub is truly an investment in your health, happiness, and well-being. A hot tub with all the features of your dreams can help improve the quality of your life and help you achieve stress-free bliss for years, making it an invaluable investment to yourself and your loved ones.


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Medical disclaimer: This information is not intended to prescribe a particular diagnosis or course of action. We are not medical professionals. Please contact your GP or other medical professional for advice if you have any concerns about your current health or well-being.

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