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Guide to Hot Tub Seats

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There are so many things to consider before making your hot tub purchase — including what type of hot tub to purchase such as an in-ground, portable, or inflatable. One of the most important factors you’ll want to take into serious consideration are the types of seats available in the hot tub. The seats will largely determine your overall hydrotherapy experience.


Here, we’ll offer an informative guide to hot tub seats that will help you understand the wide array of options available to you in the various types of spas. Let’s break down some of the main types of hot tubs and the type of seating available in each.

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In-Ground Hot Tub Seating —

The seats in in-ground hot tubs are created with hard materials such as stone, granite, and concrete... none of which are exactly comforting. The seats often follow the shape of the hot tub itself and can be equated to bench-style seating. These seats likely do not recline back or allow you to elevate your legs. In-ground hot tubs do have jets; however, they generally have fewer and less powerful jets than those of a quality portable hot tub model.


Portable Hot Tub Seating —

Premium portable hot tubs are designed for hydromassage — from the seating to the jets. In addition to the variety of seating options and configurations that are available, most quality portable hot tub brands will offer you a variety of jet options and strategic jet placement for a soothing massage therapy experience. Size of the hot tub will often determine seating options. For example, larger spas feature more seats. Higher-end brand models will often feature a variety of jet types and placement for each seat. If you want the ability to customize your massage and target different areas of the body, a larger spa may give you that ideal option. This gives you the opportunity to have a customized hydromassage therapy experience any day of the week — and that never gets tired!


A few seating options such as heights, angles, loungers, and more include:


Open Seating —

An open-seat configuration in a portable hot tub allows more users in the hot tub due to the nature of the design. Depending on the brand and model, portable hot tubs with open seating are equipped with a variety of strategically placed jets that deliver hydromassage designed to soothe and relax you as the power of water and specialty jets ease muscle tension. Open seating is often preferred for entertaining since this option positions all occupants so they can see one another and easily converse.


Lounge Seat —

A lounge seat, or lounger, in a portable hot tub allows you to sit in a reclined position while experiencing full-body hydromassage. A lounger will have multiple jets throughout as well as a foot dome. Imagine relaxing back in a reclining chair with an elevated footrest. This is a similar experience in the lounge seat of a portable hot tub — with the added benefit of purposefully positioned jets to deliver soothing hydrotherapy. Lounge seats tend to be selected when a spa is going to be used by immediate family or simply a couple. This is due to the fact that when seated in the lounge seat, it can be a bit awkward to see and converse with others in the spa. In addition, some people tend to “float” out of the seats when the jets are on. It’s a good idea to do a wet test on the spa you like to make sure the seating angle is such that you don’t drift out when the jets engage.


The seats will vary from brand to brand and even across models within the same brand so we strongly recommend you try before you buy. Angles and depth of lounge seats vary by brand and model. If you’re interested in a spa with a lounge seat, a wet test can ensure you experience how you’ll be positioned during your spa experience.


Cool Down Seat —

A cool down seat in a portable hot tub serves as the ideal transition spot into and out of your spa experience. A cool down seat sits higher than the other seats in the spa, allowing you to sit up higher above the water line. This option allows you to let your body adjust to the temperature of the water as you begin your hot tub experience — as well as the temperature of the elements when you’re ready to get out of the hot tub. Cool down seats are also ideal for families with little ones so they can enjoy the hot tub experience without being fully immersed in the hot tub.


Inflatable Hot Tub Seating —

There are some upsides to inflatable hot tubs, such as their budget-friendly price point and ease of portability and storage. They can be deflated and inflated as the name suggests. However, if you are looking for relaxing hydromassage through powerful jet placement in the seats, an inflatable hot tub is likely not your best option. This is due to a few factors. First, there are no actual jets in an inflatable hot tub. They simply have air bubblers that move the water about to simulate a spa experience. Second, there are no actual seats in most inflatable hot tubs, which means you and your hot tub guests will be sitting on the bottom of the unit itself. Some models have a cushioned bottom surface, and there are also cushions available for inflatable hot tubs. However, these options cannot compare to the comfort-driven design of a premium brand hot tub.


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If you’re looking for your future hot tub to deliver high-performance hydrotherapy that will ease muscle tension and provide overall relaxation, you’ll want to seek out comfortable seating with jets that will deliver high-performance hydrotherapy. Simply put, models from a premium brand will offer more jet options for a better hydromassage experience. If you work with a dealer that represents a reputable premium portable hot tub company, they can introduce you to a variety of hot tub models with seating options so you can determine which one you like best.


When you want to explore the breadth of hot tub seating options available in Jacuzzi® hot tub models, visit a local dealer near you.


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