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Which Hot Tubs are Rated the Best?

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Once you have decided to purchase a hot tub, you will probably want to purchase a high-quality one that is built to last. After all, a hot tub is an investment that you and your loved ones should be able to enjoy for many years to come. In your quest for the best hot tubs, you may have wondered, “Which hot tubs are rated the best?”


This article will uncover the answer to that question. It will also help you determine the best hot tub for you based on your specific needs. Ultimately, regardless of ratings, the best hot tub for you is the one that suits your individual desires. Each hot tub is a little bit different and offers unique features and amenities. This article will also pose other questions, and provide insight to those, to help guide your choice so you find the right hot tub for you.


Which hot tubs are rated the best?

It’s important to understand that this question will have many answers based on where you look. For example, an article on names the best hot tub brands as the following:


  • Sundance® Spas
  • Master Spas®
  • Jacuzzi®
  • Bullfrog Spas
  • HotSpring®
  • PDC Spas
  • Marquis® Spas
  • Cal Spas
  • ThermoSpas®
  • Catalina Spas™


Meanwhile, the article, “Best hot tubs 2024” ultimate relaxation in your own backyard,” on lists the following:


  • Sundance® Spas
  • Jacuzzi®
  • PDC Spas
  • Master Spas®
  • Bullfrog Spas
  • HotSpring®
  • Marquis® Spas
  • Intex®
  • Cal Spas
  • Catalina Spas™


You may notice that many of the hot tub brands are included in both of these top ten ratings. It’s also important to note how various sites and organizations are rating the hot tubs and brands to determine their lists. Read carefully when doing your research.


The Jacuzzi® brand has a stellar longstanding reputation for being the leader in the industry of wellness products, including hot tubs. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are some of the most popular because of their innovative specialty jets and the latest advances to ensure you have the best hot tub experience for years to come. For example, the Jacuzzi® brand was the first to introduce exclusive Infrared and Red Light therapy in hot tubs. For decades, the brand has been committed to bringing first-to-market innovations through their high-quality hot tubs.


 Sundance® Spas is also a brand many hot tub shoppers are interested in due to its dedication to building the best spas with you in mind. Connection, loyalty, and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Sundance® philosophy and the brand aims to help you experience ultimate relaxation in your Sundance® spa.


ThermoSpas® is dedicated to building the best hot tubs and spas to fit your needs and your budget. The brand is dedicated to maintaining the industry’s best reputation for hot tub quality and customer delight. ThermoSpas® uses only top-quality parts and employs the latest and best hot tub technology. 


While many organizations and websites can offer great information and insight, it’s important to trust your instincts and to do your own research when it comes to deciding upon the best hot tubs. Here are a few factors that are generally attributed to the best rated hot tubs.

Reputable Brand

You want to be able to trust the company from which you purchase your spa. You want to be rest assured that the company has a longstanding reputation for being credible and producing superior products.


Quality Craftsmanship

The best hot tubs are built with the best materials and made with the utmost care. You want peace of mind that your hot tub will stand the test of time because it was built right from the start.


Specialized Jets

Naturally, if you are seeking the best-rated hot tub, you are seeking superior hydrotherapy. Top-not jets are the key to your best hydromassage. You will want to find a hot tub that has specialized jets. Pay close attention to the placement and configuration of these jets. More does not necessarily equate to better. Your hydromassage will be enhanced by specialty jets that target specific areas of your body to deliver complete hydrotherapy.


Seating Options

Another important aspect of finding the best hot tub for you is the seating options. Typically, you have options including open seating and lounge seating. Some models include both open seating and a lounger. Some hot tubs even provide you with a double lounger option. Most hot tub models will also feature a cool-down seat.


Open seating refers to more upright seating, where bathers can easily look at one another and converse. Open seating is ideal for entertaining and family time. Lounge seating positions you in a more reclined position. While this is ideal for more full-body hydromassage, the positioning is not as suitable for socialization. A cool-down seat refers to a smaller seat that positions bathers a bit higher up out of the water. This is an ideal spot for smaller children. It also serves as a nice transition seat in and out of your hot tub.


Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient hot tub is important for conservation, as well as to help you keep operating costs to a minimum. You will want to make sure your hot tub has excellent insulation. This is a key factor in helping maintain your hot tub water’s heat, particularly in cold climates or areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Check to ensure the hot tub you choose meets or exceeds standards for energy efficiency for spa consumption set forth by an organization such as the California Energy Commission. This can help you conserve energy and save money.


Water Management and Filtrations Systems

The equipment that keeps your hot tub running properly is vital to your hot tub experience. When you are looking for the best-rated hot tubs, ensure they have high-performing water management systems and filtration systems. These systems can help keep your hot tub water crystal blue so it is ready to enjoy anytime you are.


Excellent Warranties and Customer Service

A hot tub is an investment just like your vehicle. Even if you purchase the best quality, top-of-the-line product, it may need service, maintenance and repairs from time to time. This is why it’s ideal to choose a hot tub that is covered with excellent warranties on parts and equipment. You will also want to ensure you purchase your hot tub directly from a reputable manufacturer and/or spa dealership that can provide you with a high level of customer support after you’ve purchased your hot tub. When shopping for your hot tub, ask about the length of the warranties on specific parts and equipment of the models you like.


Consider your needs

Different hot tubs can provide different experiences, so it’s important to determine what your specific needs are. For example, some hot tubs are best for athletes, while others are ideal for families. Others are designed for just two people, while other hot tubs can accommodate many more bathers. Certain hot tubs include specific amenities that are designed to take relaxation to the next level with advances such as Infrared and Red Light therapy. There are also hot tubs to consider if you are concerned about clean and healthy water. 

best rated hot tub brands

If you are looking for next-level hydrotherapy to ease body pain and relieve muscle tension, you’ll want to seek a hot tub that is designed with exclusive applications to do just that. For example, select Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs feature Infrared and Red Light therapy. This feature is exclusive to Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs; however, the brand has been using Infrared in its saunas for many years. This application was first applied to Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in the Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection and it is now also available in models in the Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection.


Through Infrared and Red Light therapy, Near Infrared waves penetrate below your skin into your deeper muscle tissue, specifically in your lower back area, where many people experience pain. Simultaneously, deep Red Light reaches surface tissue and cells, ensuring a feeling of regeneration that will stick with you long after your spa session. The combination of these two applications works deep beneath your skin’s surface to relieve your pain, improve your range of motion, and leave you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated.


Most importantly, you want your hot tub to deliver the kind of comfort and relaxation you desire. When you are shopping for your future hot tub, be sure to find a trusted authorized spa dealer who can guide you through the purchase process. You should feel comfortable asking questions about all aspects of a given model before you make your final decision.


It is also recommended that you schedule a wet test. This is simply an opportunity for you to get into the spa you like when it is filled and operating. This way, you can determine if you like the fit and feel of the seats, the placement and configuration of the jets, and the aesthetics of the hot tub’s features such as waterfalls and lighting. You can also then ask for a demonstration of how to operate the hot tub. This can give you an idea as to how easily the model can be operated and maintained.


Remember, your hot tub should provide you with stress-free enjoyment. It should not be overwhelming to operate or manage. Look for features that can help you easily run your hot tub. With less worry and stress, you can simply focus on the comfort and relaxation of your next hydrotherapy session.


Brand disclaimer: This article features brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group including Master Spas®, Bullfrog Spas, HotSpring®, Marquis® Spas, PDC Spas, Cal Spas, ThermoSpas®, Catalina Spas™, and Intex®. These listings were taken from publicly available information as of the date of this article. All trademarks, service marks, and company names are the property of their respective owners.


Affiliations: Jacuzzi® is a registered trademark of Jacuzzi Group. All rights reserved.


Medical disclaimer: This information is not intended to prescribe a particular diagnosis or course of action. We are not medical professionals. Please contact your GP or other medical professional for advice if you have any concerns about your current health or well-being.


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