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Hot tubs with prices: A comprehensive guide to costs

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Budget is an important part of your hot tub investment. Within the category of portable or above-ground hot tubs, you will find a vast array of prices. Some hot tubs may be only a few thousand dollars while others can cost upwards of $20,000. You may wonder why there is such a wide price range when it comes to hot tubs.


As you are trying to determine the best hot tub model that is right for you, you’re probably seeking hot tubs with prices to help you understand what your financial obligation will be. This article will help you understand the range of hot tub prices and what factors affect hot tub price. It will also cover other costs you may have associated with your hot tub. Read on to get to the bottom line of hot tub prices.


What are hot tub prices?

As you may have already noticed through your own research and shopping, the prices of hot tubs can vary greatly in price. This is generally based on the brand or manufacturer as well as the quality of the hot tub. Typically, above-ground, which are also called portable hot tubs or spas, are categorized and priced in the following ways:



Price Range: $400-$3,999

The hot tubs in this category are typically either Rotomold hot tubs or inflatable hot tubs, which are also called blow-up hot tubs. A Rotomold hot tub refers to the single-step rotational molding method used to create the plastic shell. Typically, these models can be found at big-box retailers. However, they do not offer a wide range of features or advanced water maintenance systems.


Inflatable hot tubs are also available at big-box stores as well as online. They do not have actual hydrotherapy jets. Rather, they have air jets that simulate the bubbling sensation of a hot tub that has specialty jets. They do not have molded seating and often do not have a very long lifespan.



Price Range: $4,000-$7,999

An entry-level hot tub is a great way for people to get their toes wet when it comes to becoming a hot tub owner. This category of hot tub provides ergonomic seating in a variety of configurations, with shell and cabinet options for a visually pleasing spa. It may also offer standard jets, a basic water management system, and classic lighting. Some entry-level spas may be compatible with optional upgrades such as smart technology that can help you monitor and manage your hot tub care.



Price Range: $8,000-$11,999

Taking a step up from an entry-level hot tub, mid-level hot tubs present a new standard of relaxation with features such as high-performance hydrotherapy via versatile jets, waterfall and LED lighting for multisensory comfort and relaxation, stylized design elements, and seating configuration options—including open and lounge seating—that suit everyone. 

Other features of a mid-level hot tub can include a synthetic base that provides a solid foundation that is impervious to nature, moisture, and the elements, as well as advanced water care systems that are nearly hassle-free, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your hot tub. Mid-level spas can also be compatible with optional smart technology for an upgrade that makes hot tub management even easier.



Price Range: $12,000-$15,999

Models in the premium hot tub category provide an elevated level of hydrotherapy along with added features to make your experience even more indulgent. Generally, you can expect a premium hot tub to include upscale features, more jet variety, and the latest innovations in hot tub hydrotherapy.


Some examples include specialty jets that target specific parts of the body for ease of tension, premium accents, LED lights with a spectrum of chromatherapy, tranquil waterfalls that caress your neck and shoulders, advanced touch-screen control panels, the best-quality water management system that can filter your hot tub water effectively and efficiently, a synthetic base that protects your hot tub from nature, moisture, and the elements, and easy access to equipment via tool-free cabinetry. These models are also compatible with smart technology and may even come standard with some of these capabilities.



Price Range: $16,000++

The crème de la crème of all hot tub categories, a luxury hot tub will show your family, friends, and neighbors that you have arrived. Not only is a luxury hot tub a beautiful status symbol, but it truly offers all the bells and whistles to ensure your hydrotherapy experience is nothing but the best.


A top-of-the-line luxury hot tub has the best features for enhancing your relaxation retreat, including high-end design features, architectural lighting elements, glass touch-screen control panels, and more.


Most luxury spas will also feature a variety of specialty jets in comprehensive configurations that deliver a one-of-a-kind massage. You can also find a greater variety of seating options and the best water care and management systems in a luxury hot tub. You may even be able to get one-of-a-kind features that aren’t available anywhere else, such as Infrared and Red Light therapy via specific Jacuzzi® Hot Tub models.


Luxury spas will also likely include a synthetic base and tool-free cabinetry with easy access for routine maintenance. Smart technology features may come standard at this level.


Your luxury hot tub will generally come with the best hot tub cover on the market. A high-quality hot tub cover is vital to the preservation and protection of your hot tub. When you purchase a luxury hot tub, the best-made hot tub cover can serve as a valuable asset to your investment.


When it comes down to it, there is a vast price difference between a budget spa and a luxury one. But you can rest assured that you’ll be able to feel the difference in quality when it comes to the result of your hydrotherapy in a luxury hot tub.

hot tubs and prices

What factors affect hot tub price?


Brand Reputation — When making a large investment such as a hot tub, purchasing from a reputable company is key. The manufacturer and brand should be credible and have a stellar reputation. You should also feel that you can trust the hot tub dealer where you purchase your hot tub. This relationship is essential for the proper upkeep and routine care of your hot tub for many years down the line.


Quality and Craftsmanship — The value of a high-quality, finely crafted hot tub is unmatched. A hot tub made with excellent craftsmanship will last for many years. High-end design details can also impact the price of a quality hot tub.


Well-Made Materials — When shopping for a hot tub, look for models that are made with materials that are durable enough to not only last for many years, but also that are substantial enough to withstand extreme weather. 


Enticing Features — The high-quality features of a luxury hot tub are what make your hydrotherapy experience truly indulgent. From powerful and purposefully placed jets, to gently flowing illuminated waterfalls, to lighting and sound systems, the features of your hot tub can greatly impact the price, but also greatly increase your enjoyment.


High-Performance Water Management Systems — The higher-quality water management system your hot tub has, the easier it will be for you to manage and maintain it. Peak-performing systems give you peace of mind that your hot tub will be ready when you are.


Energy-Efficient Equipment — A well-insulated hot tub is beneficial for many reasons. It can not only help you retain your water’s heat, it can keep your operating costs down. An energy-efficient hot tub may have a higher initial price tag but lowered ongoing costs will make up for that tenfold.


Other costs associated with hot tubs and prices


Delivery and Installation — As you continue your hot tub shopping journey, consider other costs that will add to your hot tub prices. For example, when you purchase a hot tub, ask if the delivery and installation fees are included in the price you see or if those will be additional charges. You may also need to hire an electrician to hardwire and hook up your hot tub, depending on the type of hot tub you purchase. This is generally not needed for a 110/120v “plug and play” hot tub but may be for a 220/240v hot tub.


Maintenance and Supplies — Even some of the most luxurious hot tubs will require some routine maintenance and care to ensure they operate at their best. This may involve adding some chemicals and skimming the water. The items needed to manage these tasks will factor into hot tub prices.


Operating Costs — Depending on the type of hot tub you choose, operating costs will be tacked onto your electric bill. However, the good news is that most high-performing, energy-efficient hot tubs will not vastly impact your monthly electric bill.


Where to find hot tub prices

When you are ready to purchase a hot tub, a visit to your hot tub dealer is an invaluable part of the process. You can gain further knowledge about specific models that you like and even try one out when it is filled and operating. You can also discuss exact hot tub pricing details with your spa dealer. You may even be able to arrange financing options so you can purchase your dream hot tub without going beyond your budget.


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