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What is a Plug-n-Play Spa?

Written By Ashley Field

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If you are considering purchasing a spa or hot tub, you have probably heard of a plug-n-play spa. This is just one of the options in the category of portable spas. Spas are also referred to as hot tubs, as you will see them mentioned interchangeably throughout the article.


This article will help you understand the ins and outs of plug and play hot tubs and their benefits. It will also cover some of the things you should know prior to purchasing a plug-n-play spa as well as what to look for when shopping for a plug and play hot tub.


What is a plug and play spa?

A plug-n-play spa or plug in hot tub refers to a portable hot tub that does not require any electrical engineering beyond a source of power such as a standard household outlet. A plug and play hot tub runs on 110v power and can be plugged into most standard household power outlets. It typically will not require any additional wiring, whereas a 220v/240v will require a dedicated electrical line run to your hot tub and the assistance of an electrician to ensure it is properly and safely hardwired.


The term “plug-n-play” quite simply refers to the fact that shortly after your hot tub is delivered and installed, it can be plugged in, filled with water, heated up and ready to play in soon after. A plug and play hot tub that runs on 120v will not need to be hardwired to a permanent GFCI box in your backyard.


The “v” in a 110v/120v hot tub refers to the voltage of the electrical line that runs from the main electrical panel of your home. Most standard wall outlets in North America are 110v/120v, which allows for easy set-up of your plug and play spa. It is recommended to have a dedicated 120v circuit for your plug and play spa. However, as long as there are no other large electrical loads on that circuit, it is still suitable to have your plug and play spa operating from it.

What is the best plug and play hot tub?

When shopping for a plug-n-play spa, you want to ensure you get the maximum life, enjoyment, and benefits from your purchase. Hence, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is the best plug and play hot tub?”


If you want the best product, you’ll want to start with the best brands. Premium, high-quality hot tub companies generally manufacture various types of spas and models. If there is a specific brand you know and trust, look into that brand’s plug and play hot tub options. You can never go wrong with purchasing an item from a credible, reputable brand, as even if something does go wrong or you are unsatisfied with the product, the company will likely do whatever it can to make it right. This is also why warranties are important. This article will go further into that topic as you read on.


If you aren’t yet familiar with companies that manufacture plug-n-play spas, a little research can go a long way in helping you discover one you can feel confident purchasing from. You may consider things such as whether the manufacturer builds and produces spas in your same country, the background and history of the company, and the brand’s mission statement.


Finding a brand that you are comfortable with and confident in is an important part of your search for the best plug and play hot tub for you. Next, you’ll want to look at other factors such as quality of materials, high-performing functions and equipment, a range of indulgent features that come standard and which are available for optional upgrade, design, energy efficiency, solid warranties, financing options, and more. 

best plug and play hot tub

Quality materials — Just as you want your hot tub to be manufactured by the best hot tub company, you’re also likely searching for the highest quality materials. The engineering and construction of your plug and play hot tub should be taken into consideration as you are deciding which plug-n-play spa is right for you.


High-performing functions and equipment — Quite simply, the better your hot tub performs, the less stress you’ll have trying to manage and maintain it. So consider the best quality functions and equipment such as water management and filtration systems, as well as pumps, heaters, and so on. The harder and more efficiently your hot tub’s functions work, the less you will have to. The highest-performing hot tubs can offer a level of peace of mind that aligns with your desire for relaxation.


Energy Efficiency — Just as important as high-performing functions is the energy efficiency of your spa. Choosing a highly efficient hot tub is not only environmentally conscious and responsible, it can help you save money. An energy-efficient hot tub with excellent insulation will maintain your hot tub water’s heat for longer periods of time, thus conserving energy as well as the costs and the time of reheating your spa water with every use. Look for a hot tub that meets or exceeds the California Energy Commission standards for spa energy consumption, for example.


All Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs exceed these high standards due to the use of insulation that completely surrounds the shell and fills the cabinet of every Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. This ensures lower operating costs, quieter operation, and reliability in extreme weather.


Features — The fun of selecting a hot tub really heats up when you are looking at the features. You’ll want to look at purposeful and powerful jets with strategic placement for the ultimate in hydromassage. Beyond jets, you may have other choices such as seating (open seating, lounge seating, and a combination of the two, for example). Lighting (interior and exterior), sound systems and speakers, smart systems that help you easily operate, manage, and maintain your hot tub, and nuances such as touch control panels, built-in drink holders, and other seemingly small factors can add up to big comfort. So consider the best features when you are on your search for the best plug-n-play spa.


Design — Adding a spa to your home or backyard sanctuary can add not only an element of comfort and relaxation, but it can also add to the beauty of the area. Selecting a plug and play hot tub that soothes and relaxes you simply upon seeing it is the first step to enjoying your hydrotherapy experience.


Warranties — You don’t want to think about your plug-n-play hot tub breaking, needing repairs, or requiring service. But ultimately, this is a piece of equipment much like your vehicle that you will have for a long period of time. Over the course of your hot tub ownership, you’ll not only want to maintain it properly to extend its life, you’ll want to have it properly protected.


This is where solid warranties come into the picture. A premium hot tub from a reputable brand will offer warranties that can provide you with peace of mind that if and when it needs to be repaired or requires a new part, it will be covered in your warranty.


When shopping for a hot tub, ask your authorized spa dealer about the warranties of the models you are interested in. This can help you narrow down your choices and it’s a great way to learn more about the hot tub you want to purchase.


Financing — Finally, financing may be a potential option for you as you determine which plug-n-play spa is right for you. Financing can allow you to maintain your budget while obtaining the hot tub of your dreams. This is another great aspect to speak with your hot tub dealer about during a visit to a nearby showroom. A hot tub finance expert can guide you through the process of financing so you understand the ins and outs of the process and the payments.


Beyond these latter two factors, a visit to your local spa dealership is a fun way to explore your options as you shop for a plug-n-play hot tub. This way, you can physically see and touch the models, decide on color choices for the acrylic and the cabinet, for example, and do a wet test to see how you like the “fit” of a specific hot tub model.


Because all bodies are unique and everyone has a different preference, a wet test is a vital way to ensure the seating options of the model you like conform properly to your body. Because you can experience the hot tub when filled and operating, you can also determine how you like the placement or configuration of the jets as well as get to know a little about how to operate that specific model. A mini tutorial about working your future hot tub can help you feel confident operating it once it gets delivered and installed in your home or backyard spa oasis.


During your visit to your local spa dealership, you can ask any other specific questions about models or hot tub ownership that you may still have. You may even decide that rather than a plug-and-play hot tub, you want to upgrade to a more powerful 220/240v hot tub, which can offer additional benefits, depending on your preferences.


Ultimately, a plug-n-play spa is an excellent option for those looking for ease of use and minimal setup. Plug and play hot tubs are designed to be simple to hook up and operate, offering a nearly hassle-free entryway into the world of hot tub ownership.


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