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2 Person Hot Tub Cost

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There are many questions you’ll have as you begin your search for the perfect hot tub for you. There are also many key factors you’ll want to take into consideration to ensure you purchase the right hot tub for your needs. One of those factors will likely be cost. If you have decided on the size you need and wonder what the average 2 person hot tub cost is, we can help you get to the bottom of this question — and several others.


First and foremost, costs vary greatly across hot tub brands and models. This is somewhat based on size. For example, a 2 person hot tub may cost less than a hot tub that can accommodate up to seven people. However, you’d be surprised to know that size doesn’t always determine the price. In fact, there are many other factors that determine cost. Other factors include premium brands and models, quality of materials, features such as jets, lighting, waterfalls, smart hot tub technology and controls, and more.


So while you may be thinking of getting a 2 person hot tub to save money, keep in mind size doesn’t entirely dictate the cost. In fact, you may get more out of a larger hot tub in the long run than a 2 person hot tub that can’t accommodate a growing family or multiple friends. 


That said, 2 person hot tubs are ideal for sacred and soothing alone time as well as intimate unwind time for couples. A 2 person hot tub can sometimes accommodate up to three people, but overall this is considered a small hot tub. This choice is ideal for compact spaces such as a patio or a cozy backyard.


Seating also varies. Some 2 person hot tubs offer open seating while others may feature a lounge seat. Open seating can generally accommodate more people and allow for easier communication and socialization. On the other hand, a lounge seat will have one person lying more horizontally, so sometimes communication can be a bit more challenging in that configuration.


Once you have determined whether a 2 person hot tub is actually the size that will suit your needs, the question remains: “What does a 2 person hot tub cost?” Remember, this number can range greatly and some 2 person hot tubs can actually seat more than just two people.


For example, the Jacuzzi® J-215™ compact hot tub with lounge seating has three seating options — a mix of open seating and full-body hydromassage. This model is categorized as an entry level hot tub and the price ranges between $6,000 and $8,999. The price range allows for optional upgrades that are specific to each person’s desires.

cost of 2 person hot tub

Another option in the Jacuzzi® family of hot tubs is the J-315™ comfort hot tub, also with three seating options. This model provides a mix of semi-lounge seating combined with upright seating in a compact model. This mid-level hot tub ranges in cost from $10,000 to $14,999. There are a multitude of optional upgrades including water features, exterior lighting, upgraded water care, smart technology and other amenities that account for the range in price.

Ultimately, the final 2 person hot tub cost will be greatly determined by a number of factors beyond actual size. When considering a 2 person hot tub, you should also consider the following factors:



Seating options vary with open seating, lounge seating and other options available in various models.



If space to accommodate a hot tub is part of the reason for selection, shape can also be a determining factor. Hot tubs can be square, rectangular and even triangular.


Jets and hydrotherapy:

The quality and placement of the jets will largely impact the quality of the hot tub’s hydrotherapy. Specialty jets and strategic placement can make all the difference when it comes to a completely relaxing and restorative hydromassage experience.


Water care:

Find out which water care options are compatible with the hot tub you like to ensure the cleanest, safest water for your soak. A high-quality water care system can save you time and effort on routine maintenance as well as provide peace of mind that your hot tub water is clean and crystal clear.



In addition to water care, good insulation cannot be underestimated. A hot tub with good insulation can help keep your running costs low and conserve water, regardless of the size. This is particularly important in the winter months and in areas with cold climates year round.



Different hot tub brands and models each offer a unique set of features that either come standard or are available for optional upgrades. Take a look at all the various features before determining which hot tub is right for you. Great features can really enhance your experience, in and out of the hot tub.


With this article as a guide, we believe you will have a better feel for the factors that determine the cost of a hot tub. If you are still asking yourself about 2 person hot tub cost, visit a local hot tub dealer and ask them to review some models in their showroom with you.


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