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Top Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Hot Tub or Swim Spa Showroom

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On your journey to purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, you’ll probably do a considerable amount of online research. That will provide you with a lot of great information and hopefully give you a good feel for the type of hot tub or swim spa you’re looking for. But have you visited a hot tub or swim spa showroom?

If not, it’s a good idea to add that to your list before making your final decision. If you’re still wondering “what size hot tub is best for me?” or “can I actually swim in a swim spa?” your questions will be answered at a local manufacturer dealer or showroom. Once you’ve visited a showroom and had all your questions answered, you can feel confident making your hot tub or swim spa purchase knowing you made the right decision for specific your needs.

Just like hot tubs and swim spas, not all showrooms are created equal. There are a few things to consider before visiting one. Here are the top things you should know before visiting a hot tub or swim spa showroom:

hot tub store

What are the Store Hours?

It seems like the simplest of things, but if the store’s online or posted hours don’t match up with the times they are actually open, this might be a red flag. Reliability is essential. 

How Long has the Store Been in Business?

As a potential buyer, you should feel comfortable asking the showroom representative “How long have you been in business?” While longevity isn’t everything, it does say something about the reputation of a company. After all, businesses without satisfied customers can rarely stick it out for the long run.

What is the Environment Like?

Your intuition will likely answer this question for you. Ultimately, your visit to a hot tub or swim spa showroom should be comfortable, fun and informative. You should walk away with answers to any of your questions, and you should also have a good feel for the showroom or dealership. Are the employees helpful and knowledgeable? Are you able to do a wet test? Does the staff help you feel welcome and answer all your questions? Are you free to walk around and peruse your options without feeling shadowed or pressured?

Is there a Good Variety of Products and Quality of Selection?

A reputable hot tub or swim spa dealer or showroom should have a wide array of options for consumers to view and check out. Many dealers will specialize in a few select — hopefully high-quality and reputable — brands. They should also have several key floor models for you to view, touch, feel, and experience fully through a wet test.

Can You Arrange a Wet Test?

Speaking of a wet test, one of the most comprehensive ways to determine whether a specific model hot tub or swim spa is right for you is to get in and try it. A wet test allows you to get into a filled hot tub or swim spa to experience all the features. Do you want a lounger? Do you need a cool down seat? How important is jet placement? You’ll get your answers to these questions through experiencing the hot tub or swim spa first hand.

Does the Dealer or Showroom Provide Maintenance and Repairs?

There’s a good reason you’ll want to feel comfortable with the staff at a hot tub or swim spa dealer or showroom. In most cases, local hot tub dealers will provide the service, maintenance or repairs on your hot tub or swim spa. When you purchase a hot tub or swim spa, you’re entering a long-term commitment with that dealer. Trust, knowledge, and professionalism are key.

What are the Warranties?

This is a key question to ask a local dealer or showroom representative. Warranties vary per hot tub or swim spa brand and model. Make sure you know what you’re covered for, and what you’re not, when visiting a hot tub or swim spa showroom.

When you take a trip to the showroom or dealer, you’ll also want to have some of these questions already answered in your mind:

  • How often will my hot tub likely be used?
  • What will the foundation for my hot tub be?
  • Where should I place my spa, and should I be concerned about protection from wind in placing my spa?

The answers to these questions can even help determine the energy-efficiency of your hot tub or swim spa.

It’s also important to ask yourself these questions to determine your order of priorities when it comes to features, amenities and what you most want to get out of your hot tub experience:

  1. Jets for hydrotherapy
  2. Water cleaning systems
  3. Materials and insulation
  4. Control system
  5. Seating

Once you’ve done your own research and asked yourself some of these key questions, a trip to your local hot tub or swim spa dealer or showroom and a wet test should be your next steps. Interested in a Jacuzzi® hot tub or swim spa?

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