Thurl Bailey


"My Jacuzzi Sanctuary 2 Infrared Sauna is a key part of my training. It helps with my recovery after some hard days in the gym or after long days on the snow, re-energizing my body by enhancing blood flow to the areas worked. Having one in my home has brought my training to a new level!"


Though his father ran the local ski school, it was Steve Nyman’s mother who taught him to ski at the age of 2. He began racing by the time he was 8 and eventually went on to become a three-time Olympian and three-time World Cup winner. He is currently the fastest American alpine ski racer and is ranked 6th in the world in downhill skiing.

Leonora Solid Surface Bath
J-585 upgraded backyard


The Sanctuary 2 Infrared Sauna is made from Eco-certified grade "A" wood with a beautiful glass front and roof. Low-EMF True Wave™ heaters are located under the bench and on the front, back, and side walls to ensure that safe, deep-penetrating infrared heat is concentrated on your body as you relax on the built-in ergonomic backrest/bench combo.