Jason Lindsay


"We recommend hot Epsom salt baths and submerging the body in water, now we raise all of our resting levels, we get vasodilation and blood flow out to the tissue, and recover with no impact. We also use it to build a stress relieving protocol when they get in water, we have this natural effect where it's a stress reliever, our athletes are in a very stressful environment, they're competing, they're playing for their livelihood so anything that we can do to reduce stress levels, can be very beneficial."

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Jason Lindsay is the owner of TOPTEAM Fitness and Project 360, providing each of his clients with a personalized exercise and wellness program to help them meet their athletic goals. Based in Charlotte, NC, he works primarily with college and professional golfers, but also assists pit-crew athletes and is a certified Olympic Lifting Coach.

Jason Lindsay
Jason Lindsay


Jason’s clients are continuously breaking down tissue as they train for their sport. To help them recover, he prescribes hydrotherapy in the form of a hot Epsom salt bath. The weightlessness takes compression off the body while the heat sends blood flow out to repair the tissue. Additionally, the stress relief improves cognitive function to keep the athletes at the top of their game.