Janet Evans


"...I can work on stretching my back out the jets in the hot tub, I can make them so they're specifically on my back where I have pain at the end of the day. I wake up in the morning, my back feels better. It's not as stiff, it's a little more stretched out and linked and elongated."


By the age of 11, Janet Evans had already begun setting national distance swimming records. She ultimately went on to earn five Olympic medals–including four gold–thanks in part to her unorthodox "windmill" stroke. By the end of her legendary swimming career, she also held seven world records and had racked up 17 international and 45 American national titles.

Janet Evans in her hot tub
Janet Evans


The J-585™ Hot Tub features a weatherproof Curvalux™ exterior that mimics and complements the weave of high-end garden furniture. Even more luxe is its two waterfalls, one of which features rotational jets that focus right where you need them. The 6-7 person tub also offers an upgraded RX therapy seat with a directional hip jet for an advanced massage experience.