Premium Features Boost Spa Owner Experience

Posted March 26, 2019

CHINO HILLS, CA (March 26, 2019) – Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, the industry’s leading hot tub brand, is pleased to announce exciting changes to its signature J-400™ Collection.

“For years, the J-400™ Collection has been a popular choice for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike,” said Tracine Andrus Marroquin, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Channel. “That’s because the collection features the widest variety of PowerPro® Jets, each adjustable for intensity to ensure an optimal hydromassage every time. Now, select models in the revamped collection boast additional luxury features, including our new ProFinish™ Cabinetry, a newly redesigned control panel, and a wider-sheet waterfall.”

The new ProFinish™ cabinet design showcases an optional exterior light inspired by architectural lighting installations. The white light can be bright to draw attention to the hot tub, or dim to provide a soft accent. The indicator light illuminates the brand badge and presents a quick indication from afar that your hot tub is ready for enjoyment.

For added convenience and a stunning effect, dual-purpose diverter knobs function as cup holders while also changing color. New adjustable pillows add elevated relaxation for people of varying heights. And a wider-sheet waterfall showcases enhanced illumination and adds a soft tissue experience across the shoulders as well as a lower back massage, thanks to the signature high-back design.

The J-400™ Collection features a variety of premium models to choose from, including hot tubs with open seating, such as the J-445™ (6 seats) and J-485™ (6-7 seats), as well as hot tubs with lounge seating, such as the J-435™ (5-6 seats) and J-475™ (5-6 seats), among an array of other features:

• The J-435™ hot tub offers privacy, a forward-facing lounge, and a jetted cool-down seat, making this seven-foot spa a popular model. A high-back design offers privacy, protection from the elements, and the ultimate hydromassage experience. Great for runners or anyone who has tired legs, a therapeutic lounge seat offers a unique massage for overall stress relief, including wrist jets and a complete set of leg jets. And, two cool-down seats—one of which has jets—give you the option to enjoy your hot tub without immersing yourself completely.

•The J-445™ hot tub is precision designed for the optimal hydrotherapy experience. A high-back design not only offers privacy and protection from the elements, it also offers the most diversity of seat heights for the largest range of body types, from shallow soak to deep immersion. Plus, the new RX seat offers a deep soak, with improved angle calf jets and FX shoulder jets.

• The J-475™ hot tub boasts PowerPro® Jets, each with adjustable intensity for a personalized, targeted hydromassage. This spacious spa features an RX Jet Therapy Lounge with six spinning jets for a Swedish-style hydromassage. The FX-12 Therapy Seat’s stimulating deep-tissue spiral jets deliver a massage to the neck and back, while two FX Jets stimulate the calves. And the sizable jets within the MX2 Jet Therapy Seat focus on the lower back, with precision jets kneading the neck and upper back for bold back tension release.

• The J-485™ hot tub provides neck-to-toe muscle relief with a high-back design and adjustable pillow for enhanced relaxation at any height. The spa features three distinct therapy seats for total-body relief, including the RX Jet Therapy Seat for improved circulation through Swedishstyle hydromassage; the FX-12 Therapy Seat with spiral-action jets for a stimulating deep-tissue massage in the neck, back, and wrists; and the sizable, body-supporting MX2 Jet Therapy Seat, which delivers full-back benefits.

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