A New Frontier In Wellness

Therapy beneath the surface, effortlessly ready

Jacuzzi® is the first and only brand to offer Infrared and Red Light therapy across a range of wellness products, from saunas, to swim spas, to hot tubs. This unmatched patent pending therapy is available on the J-LX™ and J-400™ hot tub collections as well as the Jacuzzi® PowerPro® and PowerActive® Swim Spa Collections.


Synergistic Therapy: Hydrotherapy, Infrared & Red Light

Explore the layered benefits of Hydromassage, Infrared, and Near Infrared therapies as they harmonize to soothe, penetrate, and rejuvenate right beneath the skin.

infrared therapy

Rejuvenation Meets Relaxation

The rejuvenating powers of Infrared and Red Light therapy work together deep beneath the skin’s surface to relieve pain, improve range of motion, and reach a state of mindfulness.

infrared therapy


Only Jacuzzi® offers the joys and benefits of hydrotherapy, Infrared and Red Light therapy, effortlessly ready when you are.

infrared swim spa

Peace of Mind

Founded in research, you can be confident using IR and Red Light therapy to enhance your relaxation.