Hot Tub Planning

Planning for your new hot tub or spa

Planning for your new hot tub or spa


Ready to take the next step toward hot tub or swim spa ownership? Designing the stage of your dreams can be the best part of your experience. Follow our guide to choosing your perfect spa to discover the features that are right for you, then read on. With just a little planning, the road to hot tub or swim spa ownership can be downright fun.



Placing your swim spa or hot tub outdoors means you can gaze at the stars or enjoy the weather with your loved ones. In addition, you will have a lot of flexibility in the design. Here are some tips for deciding where to place your outdoor hot tub or swim spa:

  • Consider the weather. If you live somewhere with cold winters, you'll probably want quick access indoors. During hot summers, you'll want to be in a shaded area, so you may want to place your spa under a pergola or umbrella.

  • Think about how you plan to use your spa. If you use it for recreation and socializing, leave enough space for activities and patio furniture. If you want a more secluded feel, choose a private corner of the garden and add plants or a screen.

  • Of course, you'll want to think about your point of view. Position your spa based on the view you most want to enjoy while you soak. After all, your hot tub or swim spa really should be all about you.




Placing your hot tub or swim spa indoors gives it more privacy as well as protection from the elements, like sun and snow. If you prefer to simply watch the snow fall through a window, the indoor spa location may be for you.

  • Building a new room is a popular way to incorporate an indoor hot tub or swim spa into your property. This makes it easy to custom design the features you need for an interior retreat. Also, you can install the spa before closing the last wall of the room.

  • No matter where you place your spa, measure carefully and plan your delivery route in advance. Your local hot tub dealer can help you make sure everything runs smoothly.





It's easy to create an inviting backyard space with plants. Whether you're a fan of vibrant flowers or want to add relaxing greenery, here's how it's done.

  • Spruce up your garden with annuals, which will add a splash of color during the warmer seasons. They will also attract butterflies and hummingbirds for you to watch as you dive.
  • Create a natural privacy screen with an ivy-covered trellis, or cover your garden with tall bushes for the same effect. As a bonus, greenery will give your space a calm and relaxed feel.


The right lighting and seating help create ambiance and ensure all your guests have an amazing experience, both inside the spa and outside.

  • Create a space so that those who aren’t in the spa can still be in on the fun. A storage bench with cozy pillows doubles as a seating area and a place for extra towels.
  • Consider the mood you want to set with your lighting. Colorful holiday lights or Tiki torches create a fun vibe, while lanterns or candles feel softer and more romantic.


There are certain sights and sounds that automatically evoke bliss. Here are a few tips to make your yard the epitome of luxury.

  • Cascading water has a well-known calming effect—that’s why Jacuzzi® hot tubs and swim spas come with built-in waterfalls. Adding a custom waterfall or koi pond just outside your spa provides even more soothing sounds, creating a relaxed and tropical environment.
  • Install a fire pit to create a warm, inviting atmosphere after dark. The flickering flames and sounds of crackling wood will improve your yard’s ambiance, whether you’re socializing with friends or enjoying a romantic evening for two.

If you've decided to place your hot tub or swim spa outdoors, you can look forward to days and nights relaxing with a view, in a backyard designed just for you. Creating your perfect backyard paradise is just as much fun as choosing your spa.