Energy Efficient Hot Tubs



Jacuzzi Hot Tubs manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs. Our hot tubs conserve heat for more efficient operation. We build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy. All Jacuzzi® hot tubs meet strict energy consumption standards from the California Energy Commission.

J-1000 Control (J-400 Collection models)
Easy to program filtration and heating cycles – helps you control energy costs based on your personal use of your hot tub.

Jet Pumps
Energy efficient pumps cost effectively produce high-performance jet power.

Programmable Circulation Pump
Engineered to heat, filter, and sanitize in a highly efficient way, the Jacuzzi circulation pump also transfers heat created by the motor to the water, further reducing energy usage.

Full-Foam Insulation
High-density foam, plus a lighter foam, fill the space between the shell and the hot tub skirt. This reduces heat loss and lowers energy bills.

Some hot tub manufacturers place insulation along the floors while others place insulation inside the cabinets. These hot tubs are called “partially insulated.” Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are full-foam insulated (foam along the shell, the floor, and the cabinet), making them among the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market!

Energy-Saving Immersion Heating
Ultra low watt density, energy conserving titanium heating element and housing, which increase efficiency and save energy.

Jacuzzi’s hot tub covers are constructed with high density foam covered by weather resistant material that insulates the hot tub and saves energy.

All of the lights used in our hot tubs are with LED technology to last longer, cost less, and produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.