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Lisa Backus

Lisa Backus


Location: Detroit, MI

Design Bar Detroit is a full-service residential interior design studio based in the Detroit metro area. They are specialists in trendy and modern design and pride themselves on using cutting-edge materials, accessories and furniture. Whether they are facing new construction, a remodel or an existing room, they guide their clients through a proven design process towards their new spaces. They are passionate about creating thoughtful and personalized design solutions by immersing themselves in the unique nuances of each of their clients and collaborating with their trusted merchants.

Design Bar Detroit is founded by a woman and fearlessly run by interior designer, Lisa Backus. She is fiercely dedicated to the interior design profession, which is seen in her constant hunger for growth, love of spreading design awareness, and general obsession with all things interiors. Lisa has her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Michigan State University's accredited program and has nine years of design experience, working in both the commercial and residential fields.

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“The bathtub Linea® really fulfilled a series of requirements for us in this project. Aesthetically, the minimalist silhouette fits perfectly into our retro and futuristic bathroom design. The rectangular drain offered in a variety of finish options was also a small but important design detail that we paid attention to. In terms of functionality, the depth of the tub gave our client the immersive experience they had hoped to achieve. Ultimately, we found the Linea® bathtub to be the cleanest and most elegant bathtub option available at a truly remarkable price.”

The Linea bathtub
The Linea bathtub
The Linea<sup>®</sup> bathtub
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  • Marble and natural stone as protagonists of the show; create monolithic sink bases, use full slabs, etc.
  • Unique mosaic designs created from classic mosaic shapes
  • Go bold in small spaces. A powder room or small bathroom is the perfect place to do this.
  • Curl-less Shower Entries
  • Floor to ceiling glass shower enclosures
  • Floating vanities
  • Tongue/Groove Joinery
  • A return to wood cabinets and away from painted cabinets
  • A move towards warmer, earthier tones and away from cool greys.
  • Imperfect handmade parts and materials.


“A linear shower drain will be necessary for most shower inlet applications without curves. We love this contemporary and uniform look, but it's good to know that this installation is priced higher than a standard shower installation.”