Jamie & Morgan Molitor


Jamie & Morgan Molitor

Jamie & Morgan Molitor

Location: Minnesota

Jamie & Morgan Molitor of construction2style, are a husband and wife, design + build, content creating team, and small media company. For almost 10 years, they've been tearing houses apart and creating new dream spaces not only for their clients but for themselves; starting off as a DIY home improvement blog and have since moved into a full-service interior residential design & remodeling company. 

MN-based but nationwide c2s started from the ground up and now also teach their readers how they can do it too through different marketing strategies, online courses, and in-person workshops. They also have an always evolving shop of products. From walking you through their own personal home projects to sharing all client work and the design inspirations and sources to sharing their family and team lifestyle, they’re an open book and have been keeping it real since 2012. 

Contact Information:

Website: construction2style.com 

Instagram: @construction2style 

Twitter: @c2s_molitor 

Facebook: @construction2style 

YouTube: @construction2style  

TikTok: @construction2style 



"When we bought this home, we knew we wanted a mixture of freestanding bathtubs and skirted bathtubs as we were designing for resale and wanted to appeal to the masses. However, we knew we wanted to incorporate designs within all these needs that would be ahead of the trend yet timeless. I don’t know about you, but my biggest pet peeve is any home that we have bought, and I can’t even submerge myself into the actual bathtub. This was a must for me when it came to any bathtub that we put into the home without giving it that large and oversized feel. When we came across this line of Jacuzzi® bathtubs, we fell in love! Large enough, yet sleek and modern, gave the jets and lights without overpowering the room and utilizing unnecessary space. We couldn’t have pictured anything better within these three bathrooms than utilizing Jacuzzi® bathtubs. Aesthetically appealing, practical and functional and something you don’t see in too many bathrooms but I’m sure we will be soon!"

Linea Skirted Bath
Linea Skirted Bath
Linea Freestanding Bath
Celese Freestanding
Celeste Freestanding Bath
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Design Insights

The best thing that happened from last year is that homeowners are investing into their homes. They want to create spaces that reflect their story, journey, what is important to them, morals, values, brands, and ensure their home is an oasis - an investment - and that brings joy to their everyday life. I always say a bathroom is where you start and end your day and it should be one of the happiest places - being it’s a room that can set your mood for the day and end it. Think about the places you travel, hotels you may escape to, or restaurants you eat at - all the things we missed this past year. What about those places draws you to these spaces? I’m not much of a “trend” person because we are seeing a movement such as this and we’re here for it! The new movement is those that want their home to be their getaway and are putting selections, colors, artwork, etc. into their homes that reflect just this. And as a trend comes and goes, I think people are thinking a bit deeper about what they are truly putting into their homes, and I don’t see that going away anytime soon.