When you purchased your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, you made an investment in your health and wellbeing. And keeping your water properly balanced is the first step extending the life of your hot tub, providing you with many years of enjoyment. Although water maintenance only takes a few minutes per week,

your senses can help give you the upper hand when keeping your water balanced. From your sharp sense of smell to your keen eye, here are a few clues that your hot tub water needs maintenance.


Smelly Water

One of the first signs that something is off with your spa is the odor. If your hot tub smells funky, there may be some bacteria lurking in the water—even if it looks clear and clean. Trust your nose and use your test strips to diagnose the problem


Musty Hot Tub Odor

If your hot tub has a musty odor, this is a sign that there isn’t enough sanitizer in the water. Use your Jacuzzi® Spa Shock Oxidizer to correct the balance of your water.


Chemical Scent

If the odor is more chemical in nature, it is likely a buildup of the sanitizer in the water. Jacuzzi® Spa Shock Oxidizer can also tackle this water care challenge.


Cloudy Water

If your hot tub just doesn’t look right—trust your eyes. If the water is cloudy, check your filter. The issue could be as simple as a loose filter. Or, you may need to clean or replace the filter. Another reason for cloudy water could be due to water that is over saturated with chemicals. The proper dose of Jacuzzi® Natural Spa Water Clarifier should take care of that.


Hot Tub Foam

A high concentration of lotions, body oils, and soap can cause foam. Jacuzzi® Spa Defoamer, an adjustment of the pH, does a good job of keeping your hot tub clean and foam free, and sanitizer will get things back on track. In more extreme cases, you may need to drain and refill your hot tub.


Green Water

If the dreaded green water has invaded your spa, don’t fret. Algae thrives in water that has a high pH or a low level of sanitizer. Adjust the pH levels in your hot tub by using Jacuzzi® pH Up or Jacuzzi® PH/Alkalinity down. Then add Jacuzzi® Spa Chlorinating Granules or Jacuzzi® Brominating Tablets as necessary. Your water will be crystal clear and ready to use in no time.


When all else fails, draining and refilling your hot tub may be the reset button you need to get your water chemistry balanced. Need assistance? Your dealer is happy to help test and educate you on keeping your spa water clean and balanced anytime.


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