According to Matt Fitzgerald, senior editor at Competitor Group, stretching of particularly tense muscles and tendons has shown to be an exceptional means of repairing and preventing the recurrence of specific injuries in athletes. Unusual tightness in certain muscles and tendons is no doubt a contributing cause of specific running injuries, and stretching can strengthen muscle and tendon flexibility.

Physical therapists suggest targeted stretches to rehabilitate and avoid recurrence of common injuries. All body types can benefit from stretching in large hot tubs. Regional Manager Patti Ryan adds “with contoured seats, one is able to sit in various positions to do stretching with jets targeted at calves, knees and legs. Flexibility is maximized and blood circulation is improved if a person stretches in hot water combined with massage.”

Injuries frequently linked with muscle and tendon tightness:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • shin splints
  • achilles tendinosis
  • calf muscle strains
  • IT band friction syndrome

In many cases, there is no doubt that stretching plays a positive role in injury repair, so it only stands to reason that it can also prevent many cases of these same injuries (or at least prevent their recurrence). For this reason, Fitzgerald recommends stretching the above-mentioned muscles and tendons daily.

In an upcoming blog we will learn how Nick Pabarcus, marathon participant of Team Jacuzzi, utilizes his big spa and resistant bands to stretch his leg muscles.