Whether or not you’re in the midst of a heat wave or knee-deep in a snow storm, power outages can occur at any time, for any reason. If you’re wondering what to do with your hot tub when the power goes out, follow these hot tub dos and don’ts so you can jump in your hot tub without stress once the power outage is over. 

1. Do cover your hot tub cover. Heat wave power outages have one advantage over winter storms: your hot tub water is not likely to freeze and crack your hot tub. However, if the nighttime air has you concerned about the chill, cover your hot tub cover with some warm blankets or sleeping bags.

2. Don’t take the cover off your hot tub. Just as you want to keep your refrigerator closed and wait out the loss of power (for now), keep the cover on your hot tub to preserve the heat. If you’re concerned about the water’s temperature, consider investing in smart technology like the SmartTub™ System that sends readings to your mobile device.

3. Do keep adding hot water to your hot tub. Does the extreme cold have you concerned during a power outage? Drain some of the cooler water from the hot tub. Then use an adapter to attach your garden hose to your indoor water faucet and re-fill the tub with hot water. Don’t lift the cover all the way; just pull it up enough to slip the hose inside the spa.

4. Don’t drain your hot tub. Your first instinct might be to drain your hot tub so the water won’t get cloudy. That’s almost like trying to eat all the food in your refrigerator before it spoils. No one knows how long the power will stay out. It’s best to wait before taking action that should only be a last resort.

5. Do test the water. While the power was out, the pump wasn’t running to circulate the water, which means stagnant water is a possibility. Test the pH and chlorine levels of the water, and shock the spa, following the manufacturer’s directions for the treatment, if necessary.

Once power is restored, you can get back to enjoying the luxuries electricity affords us, such as lights, music, and a dip in the hot tub. 

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