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Christina Samatas & Renee DiSanto

Oak and Park


Location: Glen Ellyn, IL

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto founded the interior design studio Park & ​​Oak in 2015. They are known for creating homes that are visually stunning, yet functional and comfortable. Her work, rooted in the art of timeless style, is driven by the belief that design can be used to create feelings of comfort and happiness. Combines the best of your individual aesthetics for a unique look. Christina and Renee have a creative energy that is engaging to work with. Using beautiful and unexpected sources of inspiration, they work collaboratively with clients to create spaces that carefully honor the spirit and traditions of their owner. They work on new construction, renovation, and furnishings projects throughout the United States.

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"After learning about our customers and their needs, we were looking for a simple, clean look for their bathroom that would also feel very sophisticated. The Celeste bathtub was perfect for them and their space."

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto
Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto
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