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Pam Sunderman

Pam Sunderman


Location: Fort Collins, CO

Pam Sunderman is a Colorado native residing in Fort Collins and an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). His experience includes receiving a residential design degree from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, working for Pottery Barn Brands at the Williams-Sonoma headquarters in San Francisco, California, and managing numerous residential design projects. She believes that inspiration is all around us, and her personal design aesthetic is influenced by travel and time spent living in Thailand, as well as frequent trips to the mountains of Colorado and Santa Fe.

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"The clean lines and understated beauty of the Celeste bathtub made it the obvious choice for this project from the start. It's the star of the room, without screaming. Instead, it plays beautifully with the other design details of this space to create an overall story."

Celeste freestanding bath
Celeste freestanding bath
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"There are as many different design styles as there are interior designers. For me, I try to avoid being too trendy and instead strive to create spaces that appreciate classic patterns, styles, and finishes that stand the test of time." time. If I had to point to one "trend," I'm happy to see happening would be the increased use of warm finishes like antique brass fixtures and warmer wood tones that balance the cooler neutrals so well."