Bathing as never imagined starts with your personal vessel of warm, enveloping water. For you, every possibility has been imagined … Shape … Setting … Experience … All for your personal, rapturous delight. Be enchanted … Only with the Jacuzzi® brand.


Discover the beautiful advantages of baths and sinks made from the finest materials. Jacuzzi offers the ultimate luxury of the handcrafted Solid Surface Collection, or the variety and versatility of our popular high-gloss acrylic models. Every product is built to meet or exceed quality standards.


If you’re designing or redesigning a bathroom, we have bath shapes that will turn any bathing area into a luxurious private retreat. Consider the contemporary rectangle, the transitional oval or the larger corner bath that comfortably accommodates two people.


It’s your sanctuary—personal, serene, and every bit a reflection of you. From a showpiece freestanding tub, to a luxurious upgrade for a cozy alcove, there’s a Jacuzzi® bathtub for every desire.


From quiet repose to stimulating invigoration, your experience will become the bath that you create. Whisper quiet motors, colorful lighting, dancing air bubbles, powerful jets … You create the bath experience you want as an expression of yourself and an extension of how you want to feel.


The ultimate combination: powerful jets and soothing air bubbles.

An intense Jacuzzi® Whirlpool massage or the soothing Pure Air® bubbling air bath? The Salon® Spa offers both experiences in one luxurious bath. The Whirlpool jets effectively massage away muscle soreness and ease joint pain. Pure Air® bubbles relax and rejuvenate. In all, there are more than a dozen personalized hydromassage options in the Salon® Spa.


Legendary Jacuzzi® jets for optimal hydrotherapy.

The Jacuzzi® Whirlpool bath experience has been unmatched since its commercialization in 1956. Including patented jets like TargetPro™, ours is truly a unique brand of Whirlpool action. Jacuzzi® jet systems push high volumes of water uniquely mixed with air into a swirling bath. The result is a targeted massage stream with staying power.


The gentle, embracing massage of warm air bubbles.

Small bubbles of air in warm water create a revitalizing effect. In the Pure Air® bath experience, 360-degree air inlets burst with effervescence, stirring up a whole body massage that reduces tension and stress, and leaves skin with a healthy glow.


A relaxing heated soak: the foundation of hydrotherapy.

The new Heated Soak experience allows for a longer soak without adding more hot water. Two mini jets circulate warm water continuously for a long, relaxing soak.


A quiet, calm soak: the foundation of hydrotherapy.

Modern science tells us why the ancient ritual of soaking in a warm bath is so restorative: hot water immersion has proven hydrotherapeutic powers. Increased circulation prompts the body’s natural relaxation and healing mechanisms.


What’s the best new bathtub for your home? Looking for a bathtub with a matching sink and coordinating faucets? Explore the various collections below. You’ll find everything on your wish list as well as inspiring new ideas. The latest shapes, sizes and hydrotherapy experiences are here, in styles that suit your taste and budget.