Bath Features


Take your soaking experience to the next level by adding Jacuzzi® Epsom Salt to your bathing ritual. Add this fast-dissolving pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt to your bath to help recover from physical activity, soothe sore muscles, ease aches and pains, soften skin and relieve stress.

Jacuzzi® Epsom Salt is intended for use in soaking bathtubs, as well as Jacuzzi® Epsom salt-compatible jetted bathtubs.





The Heated Soak upgrade keeps the bath water warm without needing to add more hot water. Two mini jets circulate warm water continuously for a long relaxing soak. This upgrade feature can now be added to five of our most popular bathtub families.


A popular upgrade, Jacuzzi® Chromatherapy is comprised of LED lighting through wall-mounted lens(es). Programming lets you choose from a spectrum of colors and light intensities for a unique experience every time you bathe.

Chromatherapy is the use of color and light to restore balance and well-being. All the colors found in nature come from light, each one having a specific frequency and vibration that can influence our physical and psychological state.

Studies have shown how color and light influence learning, productivity and health. The impact of colored-light medical treatments has also been well documented.


Exclusive technology used in the Illumatherapy™ LED lighting upgrade adds highly saturated color to the bathing well through patented TargetPro™ jets.


RED: Fire, intensity and alertness. Stimulating and energizing, the color red can increase blood flow and body temperature for improved vitality. Pink, on the other hand, has a pacifying effect.

GREEN: nature, health and harmony. Said to be useful in quieting the nervous system and boosting immunity, green bestows a comforting effect which may help fight insomnia.

BLUE: Sky and ocean, coolness and calm. Studies have shown that blue-light therapy can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, encouraging you to breathe naturally and let go of muscle tension.

YELLOW: Sunshine, joy and intellect. A hydromassage in luminous warm water could inspire creative thinking and a sense of satisfaction.


Luxury becomes necessity when a lovely cascade of water also helps relax tense neck muscles. The waterfall is available on select Fuzion® models with Chromatherapy. Programming lets you choose from a spectrum of colors and light intensities for a unique experience every time you bathe.


Notice Regarding CleanLine™

CleanLine™ water hoses are temporarily unavailable. All baths include industry standard water hoses.