Arga® Freestanding Bath

1. Hydrotherapy Experience

69" x 34"

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California Prop 65 Warnings

Product Details

Product Details


Silent Swirling Embrace


The Jacuzzi® Arga™ freestanding bath incorporates a new Swirlpool™ experience that entices the senses with a much-needed retreat into calm and renewal. Let the integrated Epsom salt reservoir deliver the benefits of mineral rich waters. Immerse yourself in a natural embrace of continuous warm water from the six Swirlpool™ jets as the Illumatherapy™ lighting casts its soothing hues.


  • Acrylic
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  • Oval

hydrotherapy experiences

Jacuzzi® bathtubs are available in 6 different hydrotherapy experiences. Find out which one is best for you.

soaking bath


To sit, stretch, read and relax, a deep bath is a simple and calm pleasure.

Remojado caliente

heated soak

The new heated soak experience allows for a longer soak without adding more hot water.

swirlpool bath


The whirlpool effect is inspired by the movement of water from eddies found in rivers and streams.

pure air bath

Pure Air® Bath

A caressing sensation of hot air inside thousands of bubbles. It is a smooth experience for the whole body, and a pure pleasure.

whirlpool bath


The whirlpool tub, powered by the legendary Jacuzzi® jet system, provides bathers with an invigorating and therapeutic massage.

Salon® Spa

Salon® Spa

A Spa Salon® gives you the best experience of both the Whirlpool bath and the Pure Air®... without limits.