The jacuzzi guide to energy efficiency

The Jacuzzi® Guide to Energy Efficiency

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed and built from the ground up to maximise energy efficiency, meaning you can focus on what’s important: enjoying the benefits of true hydromassage and settling into a state of true relaxation.

All our Jacuzzi® hot tubs go through vigorous testing by CEC (California Energy Commission), and they have found that on average our hot tubs are 22% more efficient than the strict standard’s they set.

Explore the pages below to understand more about why our hot tubs are energy efficient and how energy efficiency can be maximised with your hot tub.

clean water

CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® technology

Understand how Jacuzzi’s CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Technology helps water flow in your spa and helps to reduce chemical usage and provide cleaner water so your spa doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain superior water purity.