Infrared + Red Light therapy

Exclusive to Jacuzzi®

Breaking new ground once again, Jacuzzi® has medically engineered Infrared waves and specialised deep Red Light for an unparalleled wellness experience.

Jacuzzi® is the first and only brand to offer Infrared and Red Light Technology across a range of wellness products. This revolutionary patent pending Technology is available on J-LX® and J-400 hot tubs, PowerPro™ and PowerActive™ Swim Spas, and our new range of premium Infrared Saunas.


Our most advanced hydrotherapy is in the FX Seat–now featuring new and exclusive patent-pending technology which seamlessly integrates full-back and neck hydromassage with Near-Infrared and deep Red Light therapy; targeting the lumbar region of the lower back to provide a wealth of clinically proven benefits just beneath the skin's surface.

Infrared therapy utilises infrared light wavelengths, which are longer than visible light yet shorter than radio waves. As the body absorbs infrared light, it prompts the molecules in tissues to vibrate, producing warmth. This warmth permeates deeply into tissues, reaching muscles, joints, and organs. The deep heat from infrared therapy can promote an array of benefits. It aids in loosening tense muscles, alleviating pain and inflammation, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues.


Synergistic Therapy



Jet pressure delivers varied pressure through surface contact.

Red light therapy


Specialised deep red light reaches surface tissue and cells.

Mid & Far Infrared


Full-spectrum infrared delivers additional benefits to the dermis layer of the skin.

Near Infrared


Reaches further to target deep tissue within the lumbar region of the lower back.


Relax and Rejuvenate

Rejuvenation Meets Relaxation

Experience the harmonious synergy of Infrared and Red Light therapy as they work beneath the skin's surface to relieve pain, enhance flexibility, and promote a mindful state.

Infrared and Red Light therapy penetrates safely beyond the skin down to the cellular level and provides relief to soft tissues, muscles, and joints, whilst also helping to improve blood flow, skin health, muscle elasticity, flexibility, range of motion, and promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

Elevate your wellness journey effortlessly by indulging in the unparalleled hydromassage of your Jacuzzi® hot tub or swim spa.


infrared therapy

Effortless therapy

Jacuzzi® leads with innovation, setting us apart in the industry and ensuring an exclusive experience for our users. Experience exclusive wellness therapy with Jacuzzi®, seamlessly blending hydrotherapy, Infrared, and Red Light therapy, effortlessly ready when you are.

Near Infrared (NIR) therapy targets lower back pain, a prevalent issue affecting 619 million people globally according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Addressing this, Jacuzzi® focuses on the lower back in the FX-IR therapy seat, featuring clinically proven Near Infrared.

A daily 20-minute pre-programmed session, controlled and monitored through your SmartTub®, delivers precise treatment.


infrared swim spa

Peace of Mind

Founded in research, you can be confident using Infrared and Red Light therapy to enhance your relaxation. The use of Near Infrared (NIR) on the lower back muscles is clinically proven to promote healing through regular therapy and is FDA-approved as a medical device.

Jacuzzi® employs Near-Infrared (NIR) waves to target deep lower back muscles, accompanied by deep Red Light for surface tissues and cells, aiding skin rejuvenation.

This therapeutic approach enhances blood circulation, promoting the body's innate healing potential, and aims for comprehensive benefits—relaxation, soothing, and rejuvenation for the entire body.


Explore the new frontier in wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared therapy and Red Light therapy are both forms of light therapy that use specific wavelengths of light to provide various health benefits.  

Infrared therapy involves the use of infrared light, which has longer wavelengths and is not visible to the human eye. It penetrates deep into the skin and generates heat, which can help improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. It is commonly used for conditions such as muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and wound healing. 

Red light therapy, on the other hand, uses visible red light wavelengths (typically around 630-660 nanometers) to stimulate cellular activity. This type of therapy is believed to enhance the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which provides energy to cells. Red light therapy is commonly used for skin rejuvenation, promoting collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and improving skin tone and texture. 

Both infrared and red light therapy are considered non-invasive and generally safe. They can be administered using various devices such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or infrared lamps. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional or licensed therapist before using these therapies to ensure they are appropriate for your specific condition or health goals.  

The FX-IR seat is our advanced therapy seat, offering an advanced hydromassage that can be tailored to target the back, shoulders, and neck. This seat incorporates a combination of near-infrared and deep red light therapy, providing a comprehensive therapeutic experience.  

Our FX-IR seat will introduce Infrared and Red Light therapy to four of our collections: 

The FX-IR Seat combines patented Infrared and Red Light therapy with hydromassage for unmatched rejuvenation. 

Yes, Infrared and Red Light therapy is safe. To ensure safety to our customers, Jacuzzi has tested this product which has gained clinical validation and FDA approval as a medical device. 

Infrared and red light therapy offer a range of potential benefits for various health conditions. Some of the commonly reported benefits include: 

  • Regeneration 
  • Rejuvenation 
  • Pain Relief 
  • Stress Relief 
  • Ease Joint Pain 
  • Better Sleep 
  • Restoration 
  • Relax 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Improved Skin 
  • Improved Range of Motion 

It's important to not that while these benefits have been reported, the effectiveness may vary depending on the individuals specific condition and individual response. 

The short answer is yes. The Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection’s patented design is engineered with full-spectrum light therapy with Infrared Light wavelength of 850nm and Red Light wavelength of 660nm. It is designed to offer full-body benefits that soothe, relax and rejuvenate. 

In the Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection, Near Infrared waves are used to penetrate below the skin into the deeper muscle tissue specifically in the lower back area. You can select the Infrared and Red Light therapy session from the topside control and it will run for a 20-minute cycle. Its integration into the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System and app allows you to keep track of your Infrared and Red Light therapy sessions. 

Your body will only experience the sensation of warmth from being in a hot tub or swim spa, you will only feel the benefits of the therapy, not the actual light waves.

Just like with the recommended dosage of vitamins, more does not always mean better. Shorter sessions spread out over several days yield the most beneficial outcomes. Longer sessions do not necessarily provide better outcomes.

You may start noticing positive changes after a few consecutive days of therapy. These changes can be things such as reduced pain or an overall sense of improved well-being. Consistent practice plays a crucial role in experiencing the benefits of this therapy.