Our Company’s trademarks are some of our most valuable assets. The Jacuzzi® trademark is an immediately identifiable symbol of our goodwill, the quality of our products, and our reputation for excellence. As a result of its exclusive use by our Company in connection with whirlpool baths, jetted baths, and outdoor spas, and more recently with our shower systems, bathroom collections, and numerous other classes of products, the mark has come to be famous, internationally recognized, and exclusively associated with our Company. In addition to distinguishing us from competitors, our trademarks serve to assure our customers that they are purchasing a product meeting the standards of excellence and quality that are the hallmarks of Jacuzzi® brand products.

We each have a responsibility for protecting and preserving this valuable brand equity. That is why it is important that we all take the time to review and understand the usage guidelines set out on the following pages. Whether you are creating advertising that uses our trademarks, drafting an internal memorandum that refers to the trademarks, or reporting improper use of our marks by others, we all play a part in building and protecting the value of our Company’s brands. Compliance with the following guidelines will ensure that our Company’s trademarks continue to enjoy their premier stature in the marketplace today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Our Company maintains a substantial portfolio of registered and unregistered trademarks. Although the Jacuzzi® brand is our Company’s best known trademark, the Company uses a number of other trademarks in connection with the sale of its products. In addition, the Company periodically adopts and uses new trademarks, for example, when it develops and introduces a new product line. Accordingly, the Company’s portfolio of trademarks changes from time to time.

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks can be words, names, graphic representations, designs, symbols, devices, slogans, even scents and sounds used to identify products or services and distinguish them from products or services sold by others. Trademarks let consumers know they are purchasing products or services from a specific company.

Proper Use of Trademarks

Proper use of trademarks involves a handful of basic and easy-to-apply rules. The general rules set forth below should be followed whenever the Company’s trademarks are used, in order to protect and preserve their value.

A. Trademarks Are Adjectives

Trademarks are adjectives that are designed to identify a particular company, or group of related companies, as the source or origin of a product. Example: View our entire line of Jacuzzi® whirlpool baths.

B. Trademarks Should Not Be Used Without An Associated Generic Product Name

Trademarks should never be used alone without an associated generic product name. Using a trademark without a generic product name may suggest, incorrectly, that the trademark is the common name for the product or service in question. Instead, always use the Jacuzzi® trademark together with the correct generic name for the product.

Incorrect: We know you will enjoy your jacuzzi®.
Correct: We know you will enjoy your Jacuzzi® outdoor spa.
Correct: Jacuzzi® jetted baths can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A good rule of thumb is to mentally insert the word “brand” after the trademark to see if the phrase makes sense. If it does, the trademark is correctly used as an adjective.

Incorrect: Nothing compares to a jacuzzi® (brand).
Correct: Nothing compares to a Jacuzzi® (brand) whirlpool spa.

C. How to Refer to More Than One Trademarked Product

Because a trademark identifies a single source of a particular product and not the product itself, trademarks should never be used in the plural form. Using a trademark in the plural form could suggest that it is a common name for the product and not a trademark. The proper way to describe a plural reference to trademarked products is to use the plural form of the generic product name.

Incorrect: A new shipment of jacuzzi®s arrives this week.
Correct: A new shipment of Jacuzzi® whirlpool baths arrives this week.

D. Trademarks Should Not Be Used As Verbs

Because trademarks are adjectives, they must never be used as verbs to describe an activity. A person can bathe, shower, or soak, but they cannot “Jacuzzi®.” Instead, use an appropriate verb, such as soak, bathe, or relax, to describe an activity suitable for a Jacuzzi® product.

Incorrect: Relax as you Jacuzzi® your troubles away.
Correct: Let your troubles float away while you relax in a Jacuzzi® whirlpool spa.

E. Trademarks Should Not Be Used In The Possessive Form

Nouns are sometimes used in the possessive form. For example, one might say, “I find this spa’s color very appealing.” Because a trademark describes the source of a product rather than the product itself, a trademark should not be used in the possessive form. Instead, the generic product name should be made possessive.

Incorrect: This jacuzzi®’s standard features include a slip-resistant bottom.
Incorrect: A jacuzzi®’s innovative styling is elegant, yet functional.
Correct: This Jacuzzi® shower system’s standard features include a slip-resistant bottom.
Correct: A Jacuzzi® whirlpool bath’s design is elegant, yet functional.

How Can I Help Prevent the Misuse of the Jacuzzi® Trademark?

Follow these guidelines.

  • Report any violations or, if you have any questions, please e-mail us at:
  • When reporting trademark violations, please include as much of the following information as possible:
  • Type of establishment (hotel, motel).
  • Address of establishment (At a minimum, include the city and state).
  • Date you observed the violation.
  • For magazines, catalogs, and other periodicals (including movies, television shows and radio), please include the name of the periodical, television show, movie, or radio advertisement and the approximate air date.

We appreciate your assistance.