Take hot tub ownership to the next level with Jacuzzi® SmartTub®



Take hot tub ownership to the next level with Jacuzzi® SmartTub®

Personalise your soak schedule and save energy costs using the SmartTub® app. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Do you naturally fall into a routine with your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub? Are there set mornings, evenings, after work or exercise periods where you find yourself looking forward to a relaxing or invigorating soak? 

Using the new SmartTub® feature ‘SmartHeat Mode’, plan the days and times you want to use your hot tub. The app will do the heavy lifting for you and calculate how much time it will take to reach your desired temperature. 

This means that no matter the size, model or insulation type - smart calculations built into the patented app will provide you with the accurate information you need, specific to your hot tub.

What does this mean? When you’re not using your hot tub, the water temperature will fall between uses because SmartTub® now knows how long it takes before it needs to pick up the temperature again for your next soak. 

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Are you a spontaneous hot tub user?

No worries, maybe scheduled soaks aren't for you, but if you set off on holiday, activate ‘vacation mode’ and you can save up to 25%  - You’re simply placing your hot tub on pause and allowing your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub to maintain a cost saving temperature. 

Stay up to date with the health of your hot tub thanks to smart notifications

Leaving your hot tub while you go on holiday? Do you have a hot tub at your holiday home or do you have some guests using your hot tub while you’re away? 

Relax with the peace of mind that any need to know hot tub information such as troubleshooting or changing filters will always pop up on your smartphone where there’s a cellular connection.


Remote control at your fingertips from anywhere with a cellular connection

That’s right, wherever you have cellular connection, you can change the controls on your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in real time, including pumps, temperature and lighting. 

With a patented cellular connection, Jacuzzi® is the only hot tub manufacturer to have a smart control app that runs on cellular service.

Ask Alexa to help you out with SmartTub®

Juggling too many jobs at once? Let Amazon Alexa® come to the rescue as the compatible virtual assistant with SmartTub®. SmartTub® is also compatible with Siri® and Google Assistant®.

  • SmartTub® included with all Jacuzzi® J-400™ Hot Tubs
  • Optional extra for J-200™ and J-300™ Hot Tubs

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*Requires subscription beginning in second year of ownership at $36 per year. Estimates are based on sensor readings and are not meant to match your utility measurements, see your local utility company for specifics.

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