J-200 Collection

The New J-200™ Collection

Step into the world of Jacuzzi® luxury!

Featuring a new design for 2024, our Classic hot tubs are crafted to deliver the renowned reliability and excellence of Jacuzzi® at an affordable price, and each new model is now equipped with exclusive premium features such as CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ and SmartTub® system.

Unwind, rejuvenate, and create lasting memories with family and friends in the comfort of your very own Jacuzzi® hot tub.

J-200 Features

New J-200 Features


This Collection is best for those who want...

The J-200™ Collection is best for
those who want...



Enjoy all the quality the Jacuzzi® brand has to offer, without top-tier costs, and take advantage of affordable finance options. Save money on energy costs with our exclusive SmartTub® system–now included as standard on all New J-200™ models.



Relax into a hot tub built for your ultimate comfort, enjoyment and convenience. Experience ease of maintenance, intuitive controls, industry-leading hydromassage, superior filtration, and so much more from the hot tub brand you can trust.




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J-200 Inspiration Gallery

J-200 Inspiration Gallery

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You might be surprised to find that a premium brand energy-efficient hot tub isn't as expensive to run as expected. In fact, its cost is comparable to many everyday purchases.

Based on data collected from 1,850 Jacuzzi® SmartTub® users in the UK from Jan 1st, 2022, to December 31st, 2022, including real-world usage, the average daily cost to run a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is £1.70, equivalent to 5kWH at the current unit rate of 34p.

Learn more about hot tub running costs HERE

The maintenance cost varies based on factors like size, usage frequency, location, climate, and manufacturer's recommendations. Initially, there's an investment in chemicals and cleaning products, which can then be averaged out over the year.

Learn more about hot tub maintenance costs HERE

At Jacuzzi®, we've prioritised energy efficiency throughout our design and manufacturing processes, aligning with today's focus on sustainability.

Using our SmartTub™ app, we gather real-world data, revealing that on average, our customers use just 5kWh per day* to enjoy their Jacuzzi® hot tub. To put that in perspective, it's comparable to a family of four taking a 10-minute daily shower (*based on usage from 1,850 SmartTub™-equipped spas in the UK from 2022-2023).

  • Designed to endure extreme weather, our hot tubs feature outstanding cabinetry for long-lasting energy efficiency.
  • Our jets not only provide an invigorating hydromassage but are also engineered for minimal energy consumption.
  • With customisable heating and filtration cycles on select models, your Jacuzzi® hot tub can efficiently adapt to your usage needs, minimizing costs.
  • Enjoying a relaxing ambience is effortless with LED lights that offer both mood enhancement and chromotherapy, all while maintaining exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Our covers feature high-density foam and protective layers to insulate and retain heat effectively.
  • Our hot tubs feature dense foam insulation for equipment and plumbing, ensuring efficient operation.

Whether you opt for an entry-level or top-of-the-line model, Jacuzzi® hot tubs stand as some of the most energy-efficient options on the market.

Learn more about Jacuzzi® Energy Efficiency HERE

In essence, SmartTub® acts as your personal assistant for your Jacuzzi® hot tub. The many features include:

  • Easily control temperature, jets, filtration, lights, Infrared and Red light therapy, and more.
  • Maximise energy efficiency by scheduling and presetting your soaks.
  • Reduce standby heating expenses by up to 25% during vacations using "Smart Heat Mode."
  • Monitor Peak and Off-Peak energy costs in real-time, and compare with other Jacuzzi® owners.

Learn more about Jacuzzi®'s exclusive SmartTub® feature HERE

Following the purchase of your new Jacuzzi® hot tub, several essential steps must be completed before delivery.

Before delivery, your dealer typically conducts a site survey to advise on access and positioning for a smooth installation process. Standard installations take two to four hours, with longer durations for specialised requirements. 

  • Positioning: Your dealer will position the hot tub directly into the designated area using their equipment. Organising special lifting equipment, such as a crane or Hiab, is typically the customer's responsibility.
  • Electrical Supply: After positioning, the hot tub connects to your electrical supply. Ensuring your electrical supply functions and extending enough cable to reach the isolator is crucial.
  • Filling & Training: Once connected, the hot tub is filled with water. Your dealer offers guidance on operation, cleaning chemicals, and maintenance.

Learn more about hot tub delivery and installation HERE

Maintenance is something that comes with the territory of owning a hot tub, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Thanks to Jacuzzi®'s advanced water management and filtration systems, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever—routine tasks take just a few minutes a week. When we surveyed current owners about basic hot tub maintenance, nearly all of them said it was easy! 

Learn more about hot tub maintenance HERE

This is one of the first questions to ask yourself and it comes down to your lifestyle, budget, and available space.

Your jacuzzi® specialist will walk you through all available options to help you discover your perfect hot tub.

Find your nearest Jacuzzi® dealer HERE

Learn more about choosing the right hot tub for you HERE

Over time, we've been at the forefront of spa industry innovation, shaping it through our leading designs in hot tubs. Our lineup comprises four distinct collections: the J-200™, J-300™, J-400™, and J-LX® ranges. Despite their shared sleek designs, each collection offers its unique features.

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