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How to choose the right hot tub for me? (Common questions, expert tips and more)

May 22nd, 2023 - Estimated read time - 9.5 minutes

Author – Fin Green - Content Creator UK, Jacuzzi Group 

How do I pick the right hot tub? What if I choose the wrong one? We’re aware that you’ll want to feel that the time you’re spending on research is time well spent. 

This article will answer the common questions you may be asking yourself as you search for the perfect hot tub. 

Jacuzzi J485 outside on tiles

Who do I want to buy a hot tub for? 

This is one of the first questions to ask yourself and it really comes down to your lifestyle:  

-Do you have young children?   

-Do you host a lot of garden party barbecues?   

-Are you single or wanting to buy one to share with yourself and your partner?   

So, why is this important? If you have a young family, you may want to consider a hot tub that will fulfil the needs of everyone using it.

If you’re wanting to buy a one to share with an adult family, a tub with a roomy footwell, lounger and barrier free seating could be a good option.

If you're buying to use as a couple, you may like to a consider a hot tub with side-by-side recliners.

How many people will use my hot tub? 

Are you single and looking for an oasis for relaxation or are you wanting one for party purposes?  

Thinking about who will be using the hot tub can help you determine the number of seats you need and from here, which model with this capacity will fit the dimensions of your space. 


Can children enjoy a hot tub? 

You may be worrying that your children might not be able to enjoy using one due to deep seating.   

Not to worry, many tubs actually offer a ‘cool down’ seat, which is a seat that is higher up in the water than the others and has weaker jets, so that children can safely sit.   

The cool down seat gets its name for being a great seat for adults to sit elevated and keep shoulder and chest out of the water.  

Expert tip - If a cool down seat isn’t what you’re looking for, some hot tub brands sell blow up booster seats or water filled booster seats. Children can also wear inflatables such as armbands or life jackets in a hot tub so they can enjoy the water as much as anyone else! 

Family using hot tub in the sun

Why am I buying a hot tub? 

Are you and your partner wanting to turn your home into a place of zen after your children have moved out? Or is fun with friends more your forte?   

Understanding the reason, the ‘why’ behind buying a hot tub is an important question to ask yourself at the start of your buying journey. This will allow you to keep your priority wants and needs top of top of mind while you’re browsing options. 

Do I want a hot tub for hydromassage, for fun, or both? 

Once you have thought about what you want from your hot tub, you can think about the fun part. Do I want hydrotherapy on tap, or an aqua party tub, or both?  

The majority of hot tubs can offer the best of both worlds! You can turn off the hydrotherapy jets (if you have them) and water will be calmer but still have a bubbly kick to it.  

Purchasing a tub with a high standard of hydromassage to help provide some relief for ailments would be a great investment, with the ability to turn them down or off when needed.   

If you are not interested in a tub for hydrotherapy purposes, an entry level option may suit you the most as they have fewer hydromassage or therapy jets, and more surface jets. 

What features do I want included with my hot tub? 

The customisable features are practically endless; waterfall jets, inside and outside LED lighting, cup holders, Bluetooth speakers, touchscreen control panel and more.  

Some features come with the package you purchase, and some come as optional upgrades. We recommend you explore all feature options to see which ones you would like to include, and if the brand you are looking into offers the ones you want. 

Jacuzzi hot tub J-475 in lowlight with lights on

Where do I want to put my hot tub? 

Regardless of the many limitations you may face in your area when it comes to where to install your tub, in most cases, there will be am option out there for you.  

Every buyer is different. Some prioritise the location over the model they decide to buy, others prefer to find a one that ticks the boxes (e.g. features, appearance and ease of use) 

Do I want an indoor or outdoor hot tub? 

Generally, the most popular place to install a hot tub is outdoors. This option cuts down a lot of extra costs that would come with an indoor hot tub.

Whichever option your heart is set on, we recommend you read this article which will make you aware of the pros and cons for both installations.  

Do I need a plumber or electrician for my hot tub? 

Whether you need a plumber or an electrician within the installation process of your hot tub will depend on the foundations your home already has, as well as which tub you purchase. 

Most hot tubs require a higher electrical voltage that the standard three plugs in your home can offer. An electrician usually will be required to come out and connect your hot tub to your home's main electrics. 


Expert tip - Be sure to ask the company you are buying from if the tub you are purchasing will require either of these services, so you are not left with any unexpected cost surprises. 

What kind of hydrotherapy do I want from my hot tub?

Did you know that different types of hot tub can offer different hydromassage benefits? Anything from arthritis to general muscle damage and other ailments may be able to be eased by hydrotherapy, as long as you choose the right one. 

What seats do I want in my hot tub? 

With the hot tub industry of today, it is possible for you to find a tub with the seating you were thinking of.


A good place to start is deciding if you want loungers in your tub for a full body massage, if you prefer upright seating, or both.   

Expert tip - The more loungers you have, the more space they take up in the tub and the less upright seating you may be able to fit in.   

This all depends on your sizing limitations. For example, if you have a smaller garden then you may need a smaller hot tub and therefore prioritise the number and kind of seats you would like it to be fitted with.


Do you want an all-lounger hot tub? One lounger and 5 seats? Captain's chair, cool down seat, ‘love’ seat? The are many possibilities on the market! 

Headrest on a Jacuzzi Hot Tub

What kind of jets do I want in my hot tub? 

The kind of jets you need for your personal hydrotherapy experience come hand in hand with choosing seating.   

Some tubs will come with hydrotherapy jets which target your neck, back, legs, arms, feet and more. There are some seats that just target one area e.g. neck massager pillows, or there are seats such as loungers for example, which can target your whole body.  

With adequate research, you will be able to find the seating configuration you want with the jet configuration you need.   

How long do I want a hot tub for? 

Essentially, the more you spend on the initial price of a hot tub, as well as how well you maintain it, will determine its lifespan. 

Do I want a long term hot tub? 

The better the quality of hot tub, the longer it is likely to last. A hot tub made with quality features from the framework, plumbing, shell to control system should last you 20 years or more.

A hot tub at the very entry-level end of the quality scale may last you around 5-8 years.   

Do I want a short-term hot tub?

If you are looking for a more short-term solution, then an inflatable hot tub could be an option with a considerably lower price tag.  

Inflatable hot tubs have a lifespan of up to around 2 years, a great purchase if you are looking for a seasonal fix.  

Wondering if hardshell hot tub or inflatable hot tub is best for you? Read this article to learn more.

What are good hot tub warranties? 

Warranty on a hot tub is tricky to pinpoint as each brand or dealer will have their own catered warranty on either the whole tub, or on specific parts of it such as the shell or heater.  

An example of this so you can understand it better, with the warranty on a Jacuzzi ® J-400™ is:  

  • 10 years on shell structure (if there is water loss)  
  • 7 years on the shell surface (blistering, cracking or delamination)  
  • 5 years on the cabinet   
  • 4 years on equipment and controls (pumps, heater and control system)  
  • 4 years on plumbing (leaks due to workmanship or materials)  
  • 30 days on other components (fuses, cabinets, finishes and filters) 

Expert tip - While longer warranties indicate that the brand has confidence in the materials used for different components, we recommend you remain wary of warranties that span longer than the company has been in business. It’s also important to read the fine print of warranties. Some hot tub brands will charge you a fee for a service person to come to your property. 

Click the button below for more details on Jacuzzi® Hot Tub warranties. 

How much money will my hot tub cost me? 

There are two parts to the question around how much a hot tub will cost. There’s the purchase cost and the running costs.

In general, a hot tub that costs more to buy upfront is more likely to be equipped with better quality materials, features and technology that will be more energy efficient and cost less to run over time than hot tubs with low price tags.   

What are hot tub running costs? 

Hot tub running costs come in many forms, these include – the power costs related to heating, powering the pumps and filtration system, replacement chemicals and equipment (e.g. filter cartridges), water costs (when draining and refilling hot tub) and servicing when required.  

The costs will depend on many factors including the make, model, climate and insulation of the hot tub.  


Expert tip - As a general rule of thumb – investing in a quality hot tub will cost less to run over time, saving you money. The average price to run a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in the UK is £2.04 a day. 

Read this article for more details. 

What are the hot tub extras I need to buy?  

Again, this question depends on which make and model you buy, and what features that specific one comes with, so make sure you read the fine print of what your chosen tub will come with.  

A decent quality tub should come with the essentials such as a cover, but luxury extras such as the following, might be offered as a package add on or bought separately:  

What hot tub parts need to be replaced?

Over time, some parts will need to be replaced. This all depends on the exact model you own. As with anything, wear and tear can occur over years, even with good maintenance.   

The equipment and plumbing inside the shell may erode after time which would be the most expensive problem you may need to look out for down the line.  

The amount of replacing and maintaining within your hot tub will depend on the quality and how often you use it.   

Another small cost that may occur are UV bulbs may need replacing over time, the same as any regular light bulb.   


Expert tip - Water care is essential to keeping hot tub parts working well and to minimise the need for replacements. Keeping water clean and clear will involve products such as sanitiser. We recommend you speak to a salesperson about what chemicals you need to buy and how often you need to use them, depending on your usage.   

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Hot tub maintenance and water care check


We hope that this article has boosted your confidence and equipped you with useful knowledge around making your first decisions around buying a hot tub.  

By taking the time to think about the:

-Who will use the hot tub?  

-What do I want the hot tub for?  

-Where do I want to place the hot tub?  

-Why do I want a hot tub?  

-How long do you want to have it in your life for?  

You will be on your way to making a buying decision that has been well thought out, and the tub ticks all the boxes, and perhaps ones you hadn’t thought about when you first started to explore options!  

At the end of the day, finding the right hot tub for you is an exciting milestone to improving your home and lifestyle, be sure to do your research and enjoy the ride.  

Visiting a showroom allows you to speak to experts, get a look and feel for the hot tubs displayed, gain further knowledge and you can even arrange to bring your swimming gear and test the tub out for comfort and usability.   

It goes without saying that you’ll be expecting the best service. This quick article will guide you through the top things you should look for in a hot tub or swim spa showroom.   

Interested in learning more about Jacuzzi Hot Tubs across our J-200™, J-300™ and J-400™ collections? 

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