What’s the Difference Between the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collections?

Your Guide to Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Delivery and Installation

Once you’ve purchased your hot tub, a date will be arranged with your dealer to have it delivered and installed. Find helpful information in the guides below on how best to prepare for your hot tub arrival so you can get the most out of your hot tub right away.   

The J-200™ Collection

Hot tub delivery and installation

A general guide on the steps that need to be completed before the delivery day, around site preparation and hot tub placement. This guide outlines the key considerations to make to prepare for your hot tub delivery.


The J-200™ Collection at a glance

How to Prepare Your Garden Space for Hot Tub Installation

This guide explains the primary considerations to take into account when preparing your garden space for your hot tub delivery.


J-300™ Collection

The Four Different Types of Installation you Can Choose for Your Hot Tub

Read on to discover the different types of hot tub installations and understand which installation is best for you and your garden space.


J-300™ Collection at a glance

Three financial factors to consider about hot tub installation

This guide details the types of hot tub installation costs, preparations before delivery and how they can have a financial consideration to a hot tub set up.