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How much does hot tub maintenance cost in the UK 2023? (Guide, tips and more)

July 28, 2023

Estimated read time - 15 minutes

Author - Annabella Garwood – Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group 

Thinking of buying a hot tub and wondering how much hot tub maintenance costs? Are you wondering how easy or difficult it is and how much time it will take out?

The good news is that greater the quality of hot tub, the easier and faster the maintenance job should generally be for you.  

In this article you will learn:

-And more  

After reading this article, you should feel well aware of the costs associated with hot tub maintenance, and the importance of continual care. (That will save you paying avoidable expenses!)

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What maintenance does a hot tub need?  


Maintenance is something that comes with the territory of owning a hot tub, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. You can be rest assured that this is a topic we’re asked about on a daily basis by our customers.   


As a starting point, you may simply be wondering what parts of a hot tub need attention.  


Just like a car, there are steps you can take yourself to keep it working well and other processes that you pay a professional to do when you get your car serviced. The same applies to hot tubs.  


We’ll work from the top of the hot tub to the base and point out if this work you can do, or if it’s best to pay a hot tub servicing professional to do the job.  


Please note – this section is a general guide. We strongly advise that you follow the care instructions for the following sections that are specific to the hot tub you own or are thinking of purchasing.  

Hot tub cover   

Maintenance you can do yourself.  

Quality hot tub covers should be UV and weather resistant to protect them against mould and fading. However, they may need a wipe down with a soft micro fibre cloth, recommended detergent or Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner and warm water. The underside of the cover that’s closest to the water may also need a wipe down from time to time too.  


Hot tub shell   

Maintenance you can do yourself.  

When the hot tub is filled, you will only be able to clean up to the waterline of the acrylic shell. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, clean from the waterline to the top side controls and lip of the hot tub.  


Hot tub water   

Maintenance you can do yourself.  

Hot tub water maintenance comes in the form of both treating the water and replacing and refilling it at certain times of the year.  


You will generally find that the greater the quality of chemicals and water filtration technology, the less frequent you will need to change the water (which is a cost in both resource and energy).  


On a weekly basis water must be tested, balanced, sanitised, and shocked.

Some hot tub manufacturers may also recommend that you take an extra step, such as rinsing the filters once a week.  


Hot tub electrical checks  

Pay professional 


Hot tub plumbing checks  

Pay professiona


Cleaning and polishing outer parts of hot tub  

Maintenance you can do yourself.  

There are also professional options available  


We will delve into more detail on hot tub services later in this article.    

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How often should I clean my hot tub water?  

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your hot tub hygienically safe and looking great. Depending on what’s required, some steps, particularly water care are required from several times a week to up to every 3 months.  


Please follow the instructions and recommendations from your hot tub manufacturer for each step.   


Here’s a general overview of the recommendations you may receive from hot tub manufacturers:  

1 to 3 days

Sanitise and test water (e.g. chlorine or bromine) (Frequency depends on hot tub use)  


Sanitise, balance, shock water and rinse filters.  


Clean filters using a formulated cartridge cleaner, or replace it. (This depends on the filters used and the type of hot tub you have)  


Drain and refill water.  

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How much does it cost to maintain a hot tub?  

The exact cost to maintain a hot tub will vary depending on the size, how often you use it, how many people use it, where it’s located, your climate and specific requirements that are recommended by the hot tub manufacturer.  


One of the best ways to understand hot tub maintenance costs is to break it down into three sections – electrical costs, chemical costs, servicing costs.

We will use Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs as an example:  


Electrical costs

The average cost to run a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub in the UK is 5kWh or £1.70 a day, at the current rate of 34p per unit.

This is based on data collected from 1,850 SmartTub® users from Jan 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022 which includes real world usage.

You can learn more about Jacuzzi® Hot Tub energy usage in this article.

Chemical costs

There is an initial outlay to purchase the chemicals and cleaning products you need. From here you can average out the spend across the year.

This evens out over the year as you may be able to go several months without the need to re-purchase products.


Servicing costs

A hot tub service is a great way to keep your product in best condition when it comes to operational, hygiene and appearance. Just like a car service, they are an investment and ensure longevity of your investment.  


It is not a requirement to have your spa pool serviced but, as it is a mechanical product, we do recommend it.

The Jacuzzi service costs £599 for an annual service package (2 per year) or £329 for a single service.  

Water filters

Filter cartridges play a fundamental role in water filtration. Depending on the quality and type of filter, some need to be replaced more frequently than others.

Using Jacuzzi® filters as an example, the Jacuzzi® ProClarity® Depth Load Micro-filter costs £18 each and are not washed but replaced every 3 to 4 months.

A Jacuzzi® ProClear™ Filter for J-300™, J-400™ and J-500™ Hot Tubs costs £50, can be cleaned and needs replacing every 18 months.  


UV-bulb replacement

UV systems in hot tubs work to effectively clean hot tub water alongside other parts of the filtration system. They also treat 99.9% of bacteria growth and water borne pathogens. 

In Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs a CLEARRAY® bulb works alongside injected ozone gas, known as CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Technology.

Working together, it reduces the amount of chemicals you need to buy and use in your hot tub by up to 50%.

A CLEARRAY® bulb costs £89.99 and is recommended to be replaced once a year. Replacing the UV-bulb ensures it’s doing its water clarifying job properly, and you get the best performance from this system. 

You can learn more about CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ and common questions people ask about it in this article.

Refresh items

Some topside items on a hot tub need replacing over time. Some of these products that need replacing include hot tubs pillows and covers.

Pillows for a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub generally need replacing around every 3 years and hot tub covers need replacing around every 5 years. 

Depending on the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub collection and year of purchase, pillows range in price from £20 to £43.50 each.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub ProLast™ covers range in price from £493 to £1,297.  

Filter on a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

What hot tub chemical products do I need? How much do they cost?   


A hot tub maintenance kit can start you off well with all the necessary products you need and some brands and retailers will offer their own form of kits.  


The costs stated below are what you can expect for products offered for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, as stated on the Jacuzzi® Shop website. This is a selection of products and ones you will find in the maintenance kits.  


Note - Depending on what sanitiser you choose, you will only need to purchase either chlorine or bromine.  


1 year maintenance kit (chlorine) - £170.76 (Jacuzzi® J-200™)  

1 year maintenance kit (bromine) - £189.14 (Jacuzzi® J-200™) 

1 year maintenance kit (chlorine) - £216.76 (Jacuzzi® J-300™)  

1 year maintenance kit (bromine) - £235.14 (Jacuzzi® J-300™)

1 year maintenance kit (chlorine) - £236.36 (Jacuzzi® J-400™, J-500™)  

1 year maintenance kit (bromine) - £254.74 (Jacuzzi® J-400™, J-500™)


Jacuzzi® Bromine - £20.99 to £27.49 (depending on granule or tablet form)  

Jacuzzi® Chlorine - £11.99 to £16.49 (depending on container size and granule or tablet form)  

Jacuzzi® Test Strips - £8.50 (50 pack)  

Hot Tub Shock - £16.49 to £20.49 (depending on container size and blended or non-chlorine shock)  

Jacuzzi® Filter Cleaner - £12.49 £13.99 (Depending on container size and instant or standard cleaner)  

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner - £12.49 (500ml)  

Jacuzzi® Surface Cleaner - £13.49 (1L)  

Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner - £15.99  


You can learn more about the maintenance products associated with Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs by heading to Jacuzzi® Shop. 

Other hot tub maintenance costs I need to consider?

 The other key costs to keep in mind are:

-The cost of water for draining and refilling the hot tub twice a year  

-Electricity (Key to reheating the water and the overall functioning of the hot tub)  


Please note - The rate per kilowatt of electricity and price for water varies for many reasons including local electricity rates and climate so we have not included in the average total cost mentioned earlier in this section.

Waterfall on a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

What affects hot tub maintenance costs?  


Decisions on where you place your hot tub and the quality level of hot tub you go for (good, better or best) can determine some of the maintenance costs you can pay over the lifetime of owning it. Listed below are a few examples.


Hot tub insulation

Insulation that’s made from quality materials such as full foam and heat reflecting materials such as foil, play a crucial role in allowing the hot tub to retain heat in the water. 


When multiple layers of insulation is applied to small, tight places, this also helps increase energy efficiency.  


A well insulated hot tub can also make spa pool maintenance easier as it also acts as a protector of internal components against water, rodent and cold temperature damage.  

Read this article for a review of hot tub insulation types on the market, ranging from good, better to best.

A shade solution, such as a pergola with a louvre roof may also be something to consider because you can rotate the louvres to provide full sun or complete shade.  

Also thinking about a covered patio, gazebo, garden shelter or something else? Learn about the many different shade options that you can place above a hot tub or swim spa in this review article.

Hot tub placement  

A hot tub that’s more exposed to the elements may require extra maintenance in the form of cleaning the hot tub cover and clearing leaves and twigs from the water. It may also make daily water checks less desirable if it’s cold and consistently raining. 

If you're asking yourself 'should I place my hot tub indoors, outdoors, on a deck, and what does it need to be fairly close to?' We recommend you read this article.

Hot tub parts  

Depending on the hot tub make and model, a hot tub repair should be minimal if the tub is built using quality parts. However, replacements are sometimes needed or expected if a part has an expected running life. This also applies to spa pools that are considered to be among the best on the market.   


Listed below are some price range examples for Jacuzzi® Hot Tub parts in the UK.  

Hot tub jets  

A small jet you will find on a J-200™ can cost £3 per jet. Large rotational jets on a J-400™ can cost £22 per jet to replace.  


Hot tub heaters  

Depending on the model, heater parts can range in price from £111 to £239.  

Hot tub pumps  

Depending on the type of pump you need, a pump can range in price from £180 to £433.  

How much does a hot tub service cost?   

The price for a hot tub service will depend on who you buy your hot tub from and where you are located.  


As an example of the service offered with Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in the UK, our trained team of service technicians and engineers carry out what’s called an 7-point service which includes:  


1-Visual check of the hot tub and installation  

2-Pipe flush  

3-Electrical and plumbing operational check and other components  

4-Drain and clean  

5-Replace CLEARRAY® bulb, pillows and filters (if requested before visit)  

6-Clean and polish of outer parts of the hot tub such as the cabinets and cover  

7-Hot tub refill  


The cost of this Jacuzzi® Hot Tub service in the UK is £599 for an annual service (of two per year) or a single service which costs £329. The annual service can also be paid off as a monthly direct debit.  

Click the link below for more details, to request a service and more.

Checking a Jacuzzi hot tub

Top hot tub maintenance tips   

1 - Invest in a quality hot tub cover  

A quality hot tub cover helps keep heat in the water, protects the acrylic shell from UV damage and prevents unwanted debris such as leaves and twigs from falling into the water, saving you time and money on maintenance. It is common for a cover to be included with the purchase of your hot tub. 

If there is the option to upgrade to one that’s made with higher quality materials, the insulating and reduced maintenance benefits are worth keeping in mind for that extra bit of money you may spend.  


Click the button below to learn more about the benefits of investing in a hot tub cover.  

If you are browsing Jacuzzi® Hot Tub options in the UK, you will receive a Jacuzzi® ProLast™ cover as standard with any of our hot tubs. These insulating covers are made with marine grade fabric for durability and longevity. They also come with a three warranty for the workmanship, fabric and the insulating inserts between the fabric. This warranty is longer than most you will find on the market.  


If you want to learn more about Jacuzzi® ProLast™ Hot Tub covers, read this article to learn more.  

2 - Drain and refill hot tub every 3 months  

Replacing the water in your hot tub every 3 months is essential, even if you stick to a good maintenance routine and use the right products.

There’s a couple of reasons for this:  

-A reset for the quality, sanitation, and chemical balance of the water  

-Clean filtration components such as the filters  

-Opportunity to carry out overall maintenance such as cleaning the shell and other surfaces, jets and wiping down the underside and topside of the cover  

-Total dissolved solids from regular chemical sanitation begins to reach a point where water has a grainy feel to it and can make water care more challenging, even if you use quality filters  


It's important to check your hot tub manufacturer's guidelines and follow their specific instructions for draining and maintenance.  

3 - Full flush of hot tub once a year  

A full flush of a hot tub is a more intensive deep-cleaning process that goes beyond draining, a wipe down of surfaces, jets and filtration area.

A full flush is designed to clean internal parts of the main components such as the jets, plumbing lines and all the harder to reach areas that a wipe down won’t get to.  


This procedure is generally recommended once a year as it is a more comprehensive and time-consuming task, but it is highly essential to help your hot tub to remain in best working order.  


It's important to check your manufacturer's guidelines and follow their specific instructions for the full flush procedure that’s specific to your hot tub.  

4 - Investing in smart hot tub technology  

If you spend a lot of time away from home and are conscious of keeping your hot tub well maintained, consider investing in a tub that comes with a smart remote technology system.  


Here’s a few examples - the SmartTub® app is exclusive to Jacuzzi® and is downloadable to your smart device. It’s patent-pending cellular connectivity means you can check in on your hot tub anywhere you have a 3G, 4G, or 5G connection.  


SmartTub® has the ability to make maintenance work stress-free by:  

-Changing the water temperature and program filtration cycles  

-Activating vacation mode so only necessary filtration cycles will run, saving you up to 30% on standby costs  

-Receiving alerts if your hot tub needs special attention  

-Receiving alerts when it’s time to change CLEARRAY UV-C bulbs or filters  

-Ability to contact your dealer from the app if there is a problem that needs to be addressed  

SmartTub® comes as standard on J-400™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and is an optional upgrade of £505 to retrofit it for the J-200™ and J-300™ collections and $36 USD a year for the app subscription from year two.

Check out this article if you want to learn more about SmartTub®. 

Interested in buying SmartTub® for your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub? Head to Jacuzzi® Shop. 

Jacuzzi® SmartTub® and city lights

Another smart system to consider is SmartPod. It’s a floating digital water monitoring system and downloadable app that work together to give you recommendations on how to maintain the correct water pH, water temperature, sanitisation levels, salt levels and quality of the water.  


It comes with a number of benefits you may find useful including:  

-Cost saver. The personalised recommendations you will only be adding chemicals when you needed it, preventing you from overusing products.  

-Time saver. Recommended dosages and monitoring at the right time will save you constantly checking or undertaking trial and error water maintenance.  

Click the link below for more details about SmartPod.

If you don’t own a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, check with your brand manufacturer to see if they offer something similar, as a system giving real-time data on energy usage and hot tub health will save on maintenance costs in the long run.  

5 – Quality hot tub 

Investing in a hot tub made with quality materials and designed for longevity may cost more to buy upfront but will save you maintenance time and money over the life of the spa pool. 


Wondering what the best tubs in the UK are? Read this review article of what we consider to be the 5 best hot tub brands in the UK. 


We hope this article has given you more insight into the cost of hot tub maintenance.  


Maintaining a hot tub doesn’t have to cost the world, and with regular upkeep and cleaning, it can be done in as little as 20 minutes to half an hour weekly to maintain good hygiene and performance levels.


Ways to help with hot tub maintenance  

-Regular upkeep helps lower overall costs  

-Investing in a reputable hot tub brand will give you the benefit of faster, more effective maintenance systems  

-Consider annual service from a dealer for a complete clean  

One of the best ways to simplify your hot tub maintenance is by creating a regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning routine that covers checking and maintaining, where necessary, the jets, filters, chemicals and cabinetry.   


Regular cleaning and testing is one of the easiest ways to maintain hot tub water, the plumbing and parts and will help reduce overall costs and servicing and keep everything working efficiently.   

Are you wondering what affects hot tub running costs and what you can do to minimise costs as an owner? We recommend you read this article to learn more.

Your hot tub dealer should be able to help you create a straightforward system for keeping your hot tub clean, time to allocate for maintenance and how to keep costs to a minimum.  

If you would like to speak to a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub dealer, click the link below to find a showroom near you.