What’s the Difference Between the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collections?

What’s the Difference Between the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Collections?

Jacuzzi® is world-renowned for its more than 65 years of innovation, design, focus on health, and performance that was started by the Jacuzzi brothers, and these are still the foundations we build our company and hot tubs on today.

Over the years, we’ve developed and shaped the spa industry by leading the way in hot tub design, and we currently have three collections that reflect this in the J-200, J-300 and J-400 ranges. While they all offer sleek designs, each collection brings something different.

All of our collections come with the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Clean Water system as standard, meaning no matter what series you go for, you’ll always get an excellent water management system to help keep your hot tub clean – not to mention reducing the level of supplementary chemicals required.

Read on for a detailed summary and comparison of each of our collections.

The J-200™ Collection

The J-200™ Collection

With seating capacities ranging from 2-3 person hot tubs all the way up to seven-person models, the J-200collection provides a great entry-level hot tub and hydrotherapy options for first-time buyers or those seeking to upgrade their current hot tub to something more sophisticated. 

All of the J-200™ series come with ClassicPro® jets, which are more basic than our PowerPro® range but still adhere to the Aquilibrium™ formula we have engineered to deliver the perfect balance of air-to-water pressure. This means you’ll receive a comforting and rejuvenating massage in any of the seats to help loosen up stiff muscles and target key muscle groups.

One limitation of the Classic jets is that there is less variation in the hydromassage compared to the PowerPro® range, with no rotational or therapy-specific jets. For those interested in a great all-round massage experience but with less emphasis on deep tissue penetration, the J-200™ series will deliver comfortably.

Another consideration to make is that not all models in the J-200™ collection have two pumps, meaning filtration and massage is carried out by one single pump. Models in the J-200™ range feature our Classic filtration system with no option to upgrade to a more advanced one, so if advanced water filtration is important to you, a model from the J-300™ or J-400™ collection would potentially be a more suitable option.  


The J-200™ Collection at a glance

J-200™ Collection at a Glance


- Great entry point to the Jacuzzi® hot tubs range for those on a more limited budget

- Wide range of seating options with or without a lounge seat

- Contoured seating to aid in opening your back to receive the hydromassage

- Same levels of renowned Jacuzzi durability and energy efficiency as the higher models

- Perfect for the person who wants an outstanding hot tub without the frills


- Limited upgrade options

- Classic jets provide a more general massage experience instead of deep tissue hydromassage

- Filtration system fixed at two-stage over the more advanced five-stage

- Standard control panel covers essential functions only


J-300™ Collection

J-300™ Collection

Featuring some of our most popular models, the J-300 Comfort collection provides you with a range of options and seating from 2–7 person hot tubs. Built to offer more advanced hydromassage experience whilst serving as an overall holistic wellness centre, all J-300s provide you with access to both the PowerPro® jet range and the exclusive ProAir lounge seat with a premium LED lights package. 

The PowerPro® jets featured on all J-300 models deliver an adjustable high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage at variable speeds and intensity levels. A broader selection of jets, such as the FX rotational and J-300 exclusive BX jets, which cover a larger area of the body, provides a much deeper level of hydrotherapy than the J-200 collection. These more advanced jets target key points around the body across the range of ergonomically designed seats. The J-300 collection also benefits from Hydrosoothepillows; comfortable yet firm, they complement the hydromassage delivery while supporting your neck and allowing water to flow onto your shoulders, easing you into a relaxed state.

Features and optional upgrades increase with the J-300 range, giving you much greater customisability. As with the J-200 collection, the J-300 can be upgraded to use the SmartTub™ system and a ProEndure® hot tub cover. Where it pulls ahead of the J-200 is access to the ProClarity® circulation pump filter, SmartSeal™ insulation, BLUEWAVE® spa stereo, and the 5-stage filtration system. All of these upgradable features aren’t available on J-200™ models and offer a marked step up in quality, performance and overall enjoyment. 


J-300™ Collection at a glance

J-300™ Collection at a Glance

The J-300™ offers a fantastic range of features with enhanced hydromassage as a real bonus over the J-200™ and is suitable for those looking to increase their wellbeing through more advanced hydrotherapy.  


- Wide selection of features

- Many upgrades to choose from

- PowerPro® jet range offers true hydromassage performance

- Exclusive jets 

- Hydrosoothe massage pillows

- Adjustable headrests


- Hydrotherapy experience bettered slightly by more advanced models

- Extra features enhance overall package but can increase the price


The J-400™ Collection

The J-400™ Collection

Jacuzzi’s premier hot tub collection, the J-400 series offers you one of the most premium hydrotherapy experiences on the market today. For those seeking the very best jets, features, hydromassage and comfort, any model in the J-400 range will deliver an outstanding hydrotherapy experience with a plethora of premium options. 

What makes the J-400™ range stand out from the J-200™ and J-300™ collections is its distinct high-back design, which allows for greater privacy, deeper immersion in the water and additional protection from the elements. With seating between 5-9 person hot tubs, the J-400™ series allows you to be as social or as intimate as you like. This collection also boasts increased jet capacity along with Jacuzzi’s most advanced hydro technology, insulation and five-stage filtration system, all as standard. Alongside this, the SmartTub™ upgrade is fitted with no extra charge, allowing you to monitor and control your hot tub remotely for optimal energy efficiency and complete peace of mind. 

Overall, the J-400™ collection delivers the very best hot tub experience, from premium hydromassage to design, build and durability. All of this does come at a cost, however, which is something to be aware of when shopping for a hot tub with advanced features in the luxury price range. If you’re looking for a hot tub that gives the highest performance hydrotherapy then the J-400™ series will deliver without fail, but if you’re seeking a hot tub for more of a well-rounded spa experience and are less concerned about deep hydrotherapy aspect, then you might not make the most of the J-400™’s comprehensive offering. 



The J-400™ Collection at a Glance


- Most advanced hydromassage experience available from Jacuzzi®

- Incredible range of premium features, many as standard

- Exclusive therapy seats

- Extensive jet range, including PowerPro® rotational jets

- Unique high-back design for greater immersion, protection and privacy

- SmartTub™ built-in


- Premium price 

- No options for 2-4 person hot tubs

Each Jacuzzi® collection offers something different. Whether it’s excellent quality and value, intelligent engineering and premium jetting, or superior hydromassage and a fully fledged list of features, you’ll always get a fantastic hot tub that you can enjoy all year round. 

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