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How to choose the perfect location for your hot tub or swim spa

April 25, 2023 

Estimated read time – 7.5 minutes 

Author – Fin Green – Content Writer UK, Jacuzzi Group 

You’ve found your dream hot tub or swim spa and now you may be wondering where it will be placed on your property.

The wrong installation location can affect how often you use your hot tub and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction you gain from being a hot tub or swim spa owner. Considering that installing a hot tub can be a pricey process depending on the design, it is important to get the location position right first time.

This article will address the main factors to prioritise when making the choice of where to place your hot tub or swim spa. After reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision on where to place your product in your space.

Jacuzzi hot tub by swimming pool

Where is the best place to put a hot tub?  

Realistically, you can place a hot tub or swim spa where you would like outside, as long as the location has a solid, level surface and there is access to an electrical supply source, via extension wiring. 

Should I place my hot tub outdoors? 

If the ground is flat and solid, your hot tub or swim spa can be placed there. Outdoor hot tubs are the most popular type of home installation, an unmatched choice for relaxing outdoors, whatever the weather. 

While you're considering where you may like to place your hot tub or swim spa outside, be sure to consider its proximity to trees. It’s not always easy to avoid, but a location that’s not in the path of falling autumn leaves when the cover is off, and water exposed is worth keeping in mind.  

Also, the further away your hot tub is from your home, the less likely you are to use it, for this reason, and the fact that it must reach a power source- we recommend that you keep the recreation area fairly close to home. 

Should I place my hot tub indoors? 

An unrivalled choice for privacy, indoor hot tub installations are a less popular but luxury option. If you have the space and the budget, you can adapt your home to host an indoor hot tub or swim spa. 

The main obstacle of placing a hot tub indoors, is the price. These installation types are not as simple as outdoor installs. If you don’t already have an adapted room, ventilation and draining will need to be installed before your hot tub arrives.  

Hard work always pays off, so if an indoor hot tub or swim spa is on your list, then go for it!  

There are a lot of pros and cons for installing your hot tub both indoors and outdoors, for a full picture of what to expect with each option, read this article.  

Should I put my hot tub on a patio, deck or grass?

The most common questions when it comes to installation is, can I put my hot tub on grass? Or can I put my hot tub on decking?  

Patio: Patio is a great choice for your hot tub to sit on, some owners need to have a concrete base installed if their desired ground is not stable enough. If you already have a concrete patio installed - perfect! 

Decking: As long as you have decking with enough stability and support to hold a hot tub, decking can be an amazing home for your hot tub. It will minimise dirt, be accessible and hopefully, have a great view. 

Grass: You can place your hot tub on grass Keep in mind it does need a concrete foundation placed on top for the hot tub to sit on. Grass is uneven and is not strong, which may lead to your hot tub sinking into the ground over time. 

How do I make my hot tub or swim spa private? 

Wanting a private location for your hot tub is only natural. The idea of peace and seclusion is ideal but what if you are limited for options? If you’re worried about feeling too exposed, even on your own property, fear not, there are multiple solutions you can consider.


A higher garden fence may be a great choice for adding an extra level of privacy on your property. If your neighbours can see your garden from the higher level of their home, then you can purchase a hot tub high fence or barrier that wraps around your hot tub (or part of it.) 

Hot Tub screen 

Essentially, another type of fence or barrier, but that is specifically designed for sheltering hot tubs. These screens can be tasteful and blend into your garden greenery. 


Greenery is a great way to subtly hide your hot tub, to blend in the extra privacy, you can install full trellis walls, or plant hedges around your hot tub or garden. 


These are a tastefully brilliant way to add luxury to your garden place above a hot tub or swim spa. They can provide shelter, shade, privacy and depending on brand and model, some even come with a motorised louvre roof so you can customise your space at the touch of a button. 

How much space does my hot tub need? 

The exact space you need for your hot tub or swim spa depends on the dimensions of the specific model that you are purchasing. You can usually find the measurements of any hot tub online. 


There are some additional space requirements that you may want to factor in such as room for additional accessories and leaving space for maintenance is a necessity. 

If anyone has any concerns, make note that all reputable hot tub and swim spa dealers will offer a site survey to make sure the position, installation and access are all perfect for what the customer wants. 

Jacuzzi J300 hot tub on a deck in garden

How much room do I need around my hot tub for maintenance? 

Be sure to leave some space around your hot tub or swim spa for maintenance. As long as there is access for you as an owner or an engineer to easily reach all 4 corners and sides of your hot tub, you shouldn’t have any issues.  

If you are looking for specific dimension requirements, we recommend you speak to a salesperson about exact needed measurements on your chosen hot tub. 

Can I fit a cover lifter around my hot tub? 

Again, you would have to factor this into your initial sizing of where you need to fit your hot tub. A ballpark average for any brand, you would need to leave space for maintenance on each side of the hot tub and approximately 3 feet at the back of the hot tub for a cover lifter/space for the cover to go depending on the size of the specific one you choose. 

How much room does my hot tub need for a shelter? 

Accounting for the size of your hot tub, the shelter you want and room for maintenance all come hand in hand with this question. Some shelters (such as pergolas, gazebos and umbrellas) take up more room than others, be sure to discuss how much room you would need, with whichever brand or dealer you are purchasing both the hot tub and shelter from. 

Can I use AR to see a hot tub or swim spa at my home? 

Yes, some hot tub brands offer Augmented Reality for you be able to see what your hot tub will look like in your garden, through your phone.  

This is a great tool to see where your hot tub will look the best, if it can fit and get a real picture for your new, idyllic life. 

Find out what a Jacuzzi hot tub looks like in your garden.  

Do water and electricity supplies need to be near my hot tub? 

Your hot tub will need to be close to a water source in order to fill it up or top the water up. Hot tubs also need electricity, that can be reached with the use of an extension. 

Inflatable hot tubs only require access to a 3-point power outlet and a water source such as a hosepipe. Hardshell hot tubs and swim spas will require the service of an electrician to connect them to your homes main power, as a 3-point power outlet won't be able to provide enough electricity. Hot tubs and swim spas can also be filled using a hosepipe. 

Jacuzzi J315 hot tub garden

How do I get a hot tub or swim spa delivered to my location?  

With the assistance of cranes and HIAB’s, hot tubs and swim spas can be installed just about anywhere, no matter how difficult your home or garden may be to access. 

In trickier cases where a hot tub or swim spa cannot be put exactly in place crane or HIAB there may be circumstances where they are able to be levered over your home or wheeled into your garden. 

You should know if your dream product being placed into your space can become a reality after a site survey however, if you are still worried about your home's accessibility; your dealer should be able to provide you with some comfort on the exact logistics of how your hot tub or swim spa is going to be delivered. 


At the end of the day, choosing the perfect location for your hot tub or swim spa is different for everyone. What’s most ideal for you is likely to combine personal preferences, practicality and energy efficiency and will involve asking yourself these questions: 

-Do I want to install my hot tub or swim spa indoors or outdoors? 

-What foundation will my hot tub or swim spa be placed on? 

-How much privacy do I want? 

-Will there be enough room to use a cover lifter? 

-Will there be enough room for someone to access cabinet for servicing? 

-Do I want to add a shelter option after the hot tub or swim spa has been installed? (e.g., pergola, gazebo, umbrella) 

-Have I tried a visualisation tool to see what the hot tub or swim spa looks like in my space? – e.g., AR configurator 

For further assistance, we recommend you speak to a hot tub or swim spa salesperson. They will be able to answer further questions and even arrange to visit your property if required.  


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