JACUZZI® Bath Caddy Tray with Embossed Banter

1. Finish

7.38" x 31.63" x 0.5"
Price reduced from $905.09 to $619.16

Product Details

Product Details

Jacuzzi® Bath Caddy Tray with Embossed Banter
The Jacuzzi® Bath Caddy Tray holds your favorite book or drink for further bath enjoyment. It is made from innovative non-porous and easy to clean 3form® Chroma® with Embossed Banter design. The chanfered edges and relocatable non-slip grip on both sides of the tray allow it to fit most 30"-32" bathtubs.
  • Optical Grade Engineered Resin
  • Yes
  • No
  • 1.27
  • 19.73
  • 80.33

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from 3form® Chroma® material, an optical grade engineered non-porous resin

Beautiful Modern Design

versatile to fit most 30"-32" bathtubs - see specification

Smooth Surfaces

and clean edges make for easy cleaning


non-slip grip tapes ensure that the Bath Caddy Tray does not move during use


Two hand finished chamfered spaces for wine glass

Qualifies for 3form Reclaim™

which helps keep end-of-life materials out of landfills by recycling used materials and any scrapped materials during production