INIZIO™ Freestanding Bath

Available in 2 hydrotherapy experiences

1. Color

3. Hydrotherapy Experience

65.5" x 35.63" x 24.0"

5. Packages (Optional, Additional Cost)

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California Prop 65 Warnings

Product Details

Product Details


The beautifully balanced, Inizio™ freestanding bathtub is available as a soaking tub and also as a whirlpool tub with six PointPro® jets and standard Whisper+ Technology® for a quiet hydromassage. Italian for the beginning, the Inizio™ freestanding tub is the foundation for any beautiful bathroom retreat. The gentle, oval design of this freestanding bath offers comfort and versatility, blending seamlessly into any style and décor.


Soaking Tub - Simply relax in this deep tub, as your body is fully immersed in the tranquil, calming hot water. A quiet, calm soak is the foundation of hydrotherapy. Sitting back, stretching, reading and unwinding — a deep soaker tub is more than a simple, tranquil pleasure. It is proven that hydrotherapy in its fundamental form with warm water promotes circulation and relaxation.

Whirlpool Tub - Choose the whirlpool tub experience, powered by the legendary Jacuzzi® jet system, to recover both mind and body from the stresses of the day with an invigorating and therapeutic massage. Take your time to explore all the benefits the CETRA® bathtub has to offer.

A Cleaner Freestanding Tub - The high-gloss acrylic material of the Inizio™ stand alone bathtub isn’t just durable and long-lasting, it’s also easy to maintain. The non-porous characteristic of acrylic defends against penetration of microorganisms into the surface. This means more time relaxing in your soaking tub and less time cleaning.


  • 122
  • Acrylic
  • No
  • Oval
  • No


  • 90.49
  • 16.0

hydrotherapy experiences

Jacuzzi® bathtubs are available in 6 different hydrotherapy experiences. Find out which one is best for you.

soaking bath


To sit, stretch, read and relax, a deep bath is a simple and calm pleasure.

Remojado caliente

heated soak

The new heated soak experience allows for a longer soak without adding more hot water.

swirlpool bath


The whirlpool effect is inspired by the movement of water from eddies found in rivers and streams.

pure air bath

Pure Air® Bath

A caressing sensation of hot air inside thousands of bubbles. It is a smooth experience for the whole body, and a pure pleasure.

whirlpool bath


The whirlpool tub, powered by the legendary Jacuzzi® jet system, provides bathers with an invigorating and therapeutic massage.

Salon® Spa

Salon® Spa

A Spa Salon® gives you the best experience of both the Whirlpool bath and the Pure Air®... without limits.


High-gloss acrylic finish for durability and ease of cleaning

Ergonomic design cradles the bather in a comfortable position

The combination of heat and water relaxes muscles and calms the senses

Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you peace of mind

Freestanding baths represent both the beauty of the bath and the embrace of the experience