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Product Details

Beautifully Symmetrical - Both modern and traditional, the ERA™ Double Ended bath is indulgent for both the eyes and the body.
A tradition from days gone by has been updated with today's modern technologies. Ease into the classic beauty of the ERA™ line of freestanding baths.
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How to Measure For a Bathtub


When it comes to finding the perfect bathtub, the first step is to determine how much space is available to place a new tub. And you will do so by taking 3 measurements: overall width, length, and height.

Measuring Length
Most bathtubs will sit parallel against the wall, so measuring the length of the wall will help you gauge how long your new tub can be. To measure the overall length of an existing tub, include the lip or shelf of the tub in your measurements.

Measuring Height
The height measurement will need to include the total elevation of the bath, including the base or legs if applicable. Measuring the height ensures your new bath won’t conflict with any existing outlets or ledges. Keep in mind that deeper tubs often have taller walls to step over so plan accordingly for safety.

Measuring Width
Measure the width of the area by measuring out from the wall to the furthest point you expect your tub to be. This will allow you to fit your bath into the space without gaps or overages, especially in an alcove location.

Other Things to Consider
It is also important to keep in mind your bathtubs’ weight and water capacity which is indicated in your new bathtub manual. The basin capacity indicates how many gallons the tub can hold. A US gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs., so to determine the weight of the water within the tub when full you should multiply the basin capacity by 8.34. Your bathtub manual should also tell you the weight of the bathtub before adding water. Together, the weight of the bathtub and the added weight of the water will determine whether you need to reinforce your floor or not. Also, remember to measure your doorways and hallways to ensure the tub will fit when it’s delivered and installed. You can find all the information needed to plan your bathtub replacement within our specification and manuals.


Durable high-gloss acrylic material

Hot water immersion has proven hydotherapeutic powers

Increased circulation prompts the body's natural relaxation and healing mechanisms

Ergonomic designs cradle the bather

Limited Lifetime Warranty

IAPMO/cUPC certified to stringent ANSI standards