Jacuzzi® Swim Spa Collection

Swim Spas

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool, from £22,499

save £1,000s off selected swim spas in the winter sale

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool, from only £22,499

Swim Spas

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool, from £22,499

save £1,000s off selected swim spas in the winter sale

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool, from only £22,499

Built for performance, proficiency and power, the Jacuzzi swim spa range offers a multi-level fitness and spa swimming experience in one. Designed to provide exceptional resilience to extreme weather conditions, our ProEndure™ cabinetry houses a predictable and consistent current powered by our PowerPro™ swim jets. We’ve created some of the best swim spas in the UK, all offering hydromassage options in an all-round holistic health and aquatic fitness centre that’s a perfect alternative to a traditional swimming pool. Excellent for all the family, experience superior long term health benefits by incorporating the swim spa into your daily wellness routine. Whether you’re a beginner or Olympic level swimmer, experience quality performance all year-round while strengthening and toning muscles, decreasing stress and improving energy levels. Utilising significantly less space than a swimming pool, a swim spa offers a personalised swim right in your own home any time you like, incorporating the very best hydro technology, design and health innovations Jacuzzi is known for.

PowerPro™ Swim Spa Collection

PowerPro™ Swim Spa Collection

from £35,499

Experience Jacuzzi’s most advanced swim spas on the market today, with exceptional current control and premium performance for one of the most predictable swim currents in the world, combining Jacuzzi’s innovative hydro technology with sleek design and build for maximum health and wellbeing. 

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PowerActive™ Swim Spa Collection

PowerActive™ Swim Spa Collection

from £30,499

Built for durability, performance and ease of use, the PowerActive swim spa range provides an incredible swim for those looking to improve their swimming technique or general fitness as part of a daily wellness routine. Engineered using the Jacuzzi PowerActive™ AX swim jets, experience a fantastic swim all year round. 

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PowerPlay™ Swim Spas

PowerPlay™ Swim Spa Collection

from £22,499

The Jacuzzi PowerPlay™ offers a quality-built spa swimming pool suitable for fun at all ages along with a range of aquatic exercises. Encased in our ProFinish™ cabinetry, enjoy family time in all seasons, with a durable design and formidable PowerPlay™ CX swim & PowerPro™ jets for soothing hydromassage and a predictable swim current.       

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Why Buy a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa

Why Buy Jacuzzi®

Adam Peaty X Jacuzzi® Swim Spas Q&A

International swimmer and Jacuzzi® Ambassador, Adam Peaty answers some FAQs about owning a Jacuzzi swim spa. With questions from why you should consider owning a Jacuzzi® swim spa to learning about the basics, it's a must-watch if you're serious about a swim spa. 

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Common Swim Spa Questions

A Jacuzzi® Swim Spa delivers a multitude of health benefits including building endurance, strength, toning muscles and working your entire body, while also increasing your heart rate through swimming and aquatic exercises.  

They are also an ideal place to teach children how to swim, or alternatively, simply relax and have fun with your family. Additionally, swim spas are cheaper than a swimming pool, and are easier to install and maintain.  

Enjoy a fitness centre and hydromassage therapy unit all-in-one when purchasing a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa; perfect for evolving your daily and weekly wellness routines. 

Discover if a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa is worth it for you with our guide.  

Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are completely adjustable to suit your needs. The PowerPlay™ range is ideal for having fun with the family, whilst our PowerActive™ collection is designed more for exercise routines at variable strength levels, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer. 

The PowerPro™ collection is the pinnacle of Jacuzzi’s home fitness equipment, for those looking to take their swimming fitness seriously. Start from beginner all the way to Olympic-level swimming, with complete control over the pace you want to test yourself at. 

Swim Spas can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings in a variety of ways, including above ground, semi-sunken into the surrounding floor, or completely built-in.  

If you are planning on a semi-sunken or built-in installation, you would need to consider how the swim spa can be accessed should any servicing be required. 

Here is some help on how to choose the perfect location for your swim spa. 

For install inspiration, check out our Swim Spa Image Gallery. Your local Jacuzzi® showroom will provide you with a detailed site evaluation to ensure you are fully aware of how your installation will be completed. 

Absolutely. Swim Spas can be enjoyed all-year-round thanks to the built-in heating system, which keeps the water temperature exactly how you like it. 

Jacuzzi’s SmartSeal™ insulation has excellent heat retention properties, making it perfect for the winter months, while the ProEndure™ cabinetry ensures long-lasting protection from the elements to maximise energy efficiency, whatever the time of year. 

The price range for a Swim Spa, including installation, typically falls between £20,000 and £40,000, while a swimming pool can cost anywhere from around £50,000 to £150,000.  

There are various factors that can affect the final cost. These include the brand of the Swim Spa, specific installation requirements in your location, any customisations you may want, and additional landscaping expenses. 

Based on information from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA), the daily energy cost of running a swim spa is estimated to be around £6-8. In comparison, an outdoor swimming pool would cost approximately £10-15 in energy expenses. 

A Swim Spa, or sometimes referred to as a spa swimming pool or swimming hot tub, isn’t actually a hot tub. A swim spa combines the massage and relaxation elements of a hot tub with the exercise and health benefits of a swimming pool. A Swim Spa offers far more space to exercise and contains built-in seating to receive a hydromassage after your training or activity session. 

Simply put, a Swim Spa is a machine that allows for a continuous swim current to travel from one end to the other, enabling someone to swim unimpeded. Sizes range from 13 to 19ft, and they typically use hydro technology to create a swim lane that doesn’t require a touch-off from any side.  

This means you can swim in place for as long as you like, at a swim speed you want. Many swim spas combine this with hydromassage seats to create a spa swimming pool; a great alternative to travelling to a local baths. This combination gives you access to aquatic exercises, swimming and hydromassage all-in-one. 

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa prices are between £22,499 - £39,499. This is due to the different sizes and features we have in each product across our Swim Spa ranges. This cost can also vary depending on what kind of installation you may be pursuing. 

Swim Spas can vary in depth, and when choosing one you should consider the height of everyone that will use it. Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are more than 4ft deep, allowing more than half your body to be submerged when exercising. 

Like any large item that uses electricity, a Swim Spa’s energy cost will differ. This can change based on frequency of use, the climate where you live, and how labour intensive you wish your swim to be. However, a swim spa is a more cost-effective way to improve daily wellness, and incorporating one into your routine is much cheaper than installing and maintaining a traditional swimming pool.   

When purchasing a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa, you can figure out exactly how much it will cost you to run by using our SmartTub® app. This software will allow you to track the daily energy usage of your Swim Spa, as well as much more.