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Top things you should know before visiting a hot tub or swim spa showroom

January 31, 2023

Estimated read time - 3.5 minutes

Author – Annabella Garwood, Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group  

Hot tubs and swim spas are big investments and if you’re at the start of your buying journey, you may be making plans to visit a store or showroom, or a few!

You may be asking yourself ‘what to look for in a good hot tub showroom?’ or ‘best hot tub buying experience’?

With plans to make a hot tub purchase that will last for many years, you’re right to be asking these questions. 

Hot tub sales expert at desk in showroom

With a history spanning more than 65 years, we, Jacuzzi®, understand what you should welcome and steer clear of when it comes to having a satisfying buyer experience.

In this article you will learn the boxes a great hot tub or swim spa store should tick.

We believe the following points will go a long way towards helping you start a buying journey that you'll enjoy from start to finish.

Reliable opening hours

In an ideal world, a hot tub showroom should be open consistently, 7 days a week.

This allows customers who may work during weekdays to visit on the weekends, and interested buyers to arrange to try a test soak in a hot tub.

History of the hot tub or swim spa store

When a salesperson can openly discuss the time the business or the store has been operating, it helps you build trust and confidence in the store or showroom. 

Pleasant buying and browsing environment

Is the store tidy, clean and dry? Does it offer the basic facilities such as credit card machines, a place to sit, tea and coffee, whether it’s in-store or a shop nearby?

A showroom that takes pride in its presentation is likely to take great pride in the managing of products and service to you.

Range of hot tub and swim spa products displayed

The more products displayed, the more brands and options you can consider for hot tub size, feel, comfort, features and appearance.

Size of showroom to cover the range

A larger store or showroom is ideal as you will be able to make more comparisons between a wide range hot tub and swim spa models you may be deciding between. 

In store hot tub testing facility with changing room

Tossing up between a few hot tub or swim spa options or simply want to test it out for comfort, hydrotherapy and usability?

A store that allows you to schedule a time to try the product and has a changing room that you can privately change in will always add to a great buying experience. 

Can make appointments - in store or at home

Live far from a hot tub or swim spa showroom? Is it physically challenging for you to from home to a showroom?

The option to make an appointment outside normal retail hours or to request a salesperson to visit your home so you can ask questions and clarify anything from hot tub installation to delivery, can offer great peace of mind. 

Knowledgeable salespeople

Does the salesperson looking after you showcase great knowledge about the hot tubs or swim spas available?

Are there certificates or trophies for their award winning customer service displayed? This can be a sign the team or individual has been recognised for their service to sales. 

Salespeople who are good listeners

A salesperson that listens to your questions and pays great attention to your wants and needs, as well as being knowledgeable about the products they sell, will go a long way towards helping you make a confident buying decision. 

Hot tub warranties

Hot tub warranties are the guarantee you receive from the retailer or manufacturer about what they will repair or replace if something goes wrong with your investment, during certain periods of time after your purchase.

If guarantees extend longer than the retailer or manufacturer has been in business, you should question if these warranties are ones you want to commit to.


Hopefully this article has equipped you with a great set of handy tips to keep in mind as you plan a visit to a hot tub or swim spa store. 

Jacuzzi has 3 stores and more than 30 retailers around the UK. Our sales teams across all stores will be able to answer questions and help you find a hot tub or swim spa that ticks the boxes for you. 

Click below to find your nearest Jacuzzi® dealer. 

For further assistance as you embark on your buying or browsing journey, you can also download our Hot Tub or Swim Spa Buyer's Guides.