How to Prepare Your Garden Space for Hot Tub Installation

Three financial factors to consider about hot tub installation

Buying a Jacuzzi® hot tub gives you access to fantastic hydromassage features, advanced multi-stage filtration and superior comfort and design, which can all add to your regular wellness routine. With that comes the installation process, and depending on the type you’ve chosen, there are a few additional costs to factor in.

Here we’ll discuss the types of hot tub installation costs, preparations before delivery and how they can have a financial consideration to a hot tub set up.

in ground hot tub installation

1. In-Ground

In-ground installations provide a fantastic aesthetic for your garden or indoor space, with a sharp looking focal point that can tie everything together. With that comes a sunken hot tub, with 90% of it being concealed in a concrete vault. This will have to be laid and dried beforehand, with discussions about accessibility raised as well. Discussing this along with the financial factor with your hot tub retailer will ensure you have this in place so everything is ready to go on delivery day. 

semi - recessed installation

2. Semi Recessed

Semi-Recessed incurs similar considerations as an in-ground one, with preparation and pre-installation factors to consider, as a concrete vault will also be needed for this and potential accessibility factors talked through. This type of installation will lead to 50% of the hot tub being concealed and can be versatile in its placement.  


3. In decking

Many people have decking in their back garden, with the hot tub featuring as part of it. Depending on the style of decking, building around the hot tub or having it slide into one of the corners, all are possible. Decking will require preparation and planning to get the most out of it, however, but once this is discussed, your hot tub and decking will look great, with many people choosing a deck colour to match their hot tub for a seamless look throughout. 

free standing hot tub installation

4. Free standing

As the most straightforward of installations, the financial factor compared to the other installation types is minimal, with a flat surface or hot tub concrete base needed in order for the hot tub to sit on. This, as with all the other types, will need to be laid beforehand and be ready for your hot tub delivery day.   

Factors to Consider Before Delivery

Your dealer will inform you of the delivery date and anything you need to do beforehand to prepare for the setting up of the hot tub. But both the power supply and hot tub placement need to be discussed, and any further financials need to be considered to get them prepared.

No matter what type of installation you choose, it’s important to speak with your dealer to fully understand what needs to be prepared before the delivery of the hot tub. They will come and do a site inspection and advise on the best location for the hot tub and explain the process from start to finish.

Power Supply

The power supply from your property to the hot tub might need to be worked on in order to supply the hot tub with adequate power. Not all hot tubs are built and powered the same, with some brands not putting as much attention on energy efficiency as Jacuzzi®. As a result, some hot tubs will require a hot tub electrical installation to be done beforehand with an electrician to be called out to ensure the power running to your hot tub is sufficient.   

Hot Tub Placement

Hot Tub Placement

As with all four types of installation, placement of the hot tub and deciding on one type will be something to factor in financially, as certain installation types will require extra planning before delivery of the hot tub. Your dealer will help you establish where the best placement will be for your hot tub and ensure that this factor doesn’t impact your hot tub experience.   

Your Jacuzzi® retailer should be your first contact for discussing these factors, and they will aid you in getting everything ready prior to delivery, ensuring electrical supply and hot tub placement are correct. Much of this will be covered in their site assessment, and they will explain the step-by-step installation process.  

Depending on your property, a standard delivery can have you set up and installed in as little as 5-6 hours, meaning your hot tub can be up and running in a matter of days. Some installs, however, will be done via a crane system, lifting the hot tub over and into your garden to then be placed. Your dealer will be able to tell you if this will be needed and if there are any additional costs incurred as a result. Having established key relationships with trusted local delivery partners, you can be assured that it will be a smooth process. 

Additionally, your Jacuzzi® dealer will help get you started with training on maintenance, start-up and provide initial resources like chemicals as part of your installation and delivery package. As with all Jacuzzi® hot tubs, you’ll also get a ProLast™ hard cover for exceptional heat retention and energy efficiency.   

Final points on hot tub installation


Bought a Jacuzzi® and looking forward to having it in your back garden? Check out our article on how to prepare your garden space for hot tub installation so you can get using your hot tub knowing everything is sorted. If you’re still looking for a hot tub, why not download a free brochure, and we’ll help you find the perfect Jacuzzi® hot tub for you.