Designer Spotlight

Megan Gilger

Location: Leelanau County, Michigan
Megan Gilger

Megan Gilger is the founder of the lifestyle blog and brand The Fresh Exchange, sharing about her life pursuing simplicity within a life of seasons and building her life and home in Leelanau County, Michigan. Megan has been blogging and building brands since 2009 alongside her husband Mike. Together they have created content that graced the covers of local and national magazine covers and built award winning lifestyle content for brands such as Fossil, Quest Diagnostics, and more. This year, they will together be taking The Fresh Exchange into a more tangible atmosphere by releasing a line of products all about gathering and the lifestyle of life on the Lakeshore of Lake Michigan.

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“We love the simple and modern lines of both tubs. They both made the most of our spaces giving us the look we wanted while not giving up depth, quality, or aesthetics along the way.”

“A beautiful space first and foremost begins with the natural light it receives. No finish will be as beautiful as it is in the right lighting. So before thinking of anything finish, consider the light the space will receive. Plus, who doesn’t love getting ready in a naturally lit bathroom?”

“Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. In fact it can be sophisticated and warm feeling. If you are nervous about color think about how textures in a neutral palette can speak volumes. The bonus, is that neutrals never go out of style.”