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Adam Peaty OBE - Our Jacuzzi® Ambassador

Adam Peaty Jacuzzi Ambassador

Father, sports personality, and three-time Olympic gold winning swimmer, Adam Peaty OBE is stamping a permanent mark in the swimming world. The 27 year old’s impressive career is highlighted with successive gold medals in all swimming arenas from the Commonwealth Games to the Olympics.

Life for Adam has changed significantly during the past two years. He’s become a father, moved house and worked hard to maintain momentum with his professional sporting life.

"It’s been one of the most challenging times of my life. But getting to the other side has been one of the most rewarding."

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic meant there were no international training camps, competitions or swimming championships for him to pursue. However, his drive to succeed didn’t fade and Adam searched for alternative ways to remain in peak performance.

Why IS This Partnership A Perfect Fit?

Adam Peaty swim spa with the family

Partnering with Jacuzzi®

Jacuzzi® approached Adam for a partnership and provided him with a J-19 PowerPro™ swim spa. This gave Adam the opportunity to continue training through lockdown when commuting to training facilities was not an option. Recognising the need for ongoing recovery, and to help increase his general wellbeing, Adam was also supplied with a J-335™hot tub.  

Kimberley Walsh hot tub wellness

Recovery and wellness with Jacuzzi® products

Both the consistent use of the J-19™ swim spa and the J-335™ hot tub has allowed Adam the ability to increase recovery times and to know when it’s time to tune out. 

 "When I've had a long day, there's nothing better than jumping into my Jacuzzi® hot tub. You can just sit in there, switch off and totally relax."

While relaxing and embracing the power of doing nothing, hydrotherapy is at work on the body.  With a range of PowerPro® jets placed in specific positions in the hot tub, the J-335™ provides hydromassage to key muscle groups, improves circulation, helps remove impurities and relieves worked joints. 

Everything else is just a hot tub’ - TV commercial with Adam Peaty

Adam starred in our first ever TV campaign in 2022. The commercial drills into his demanding day-to-day life before his hot tub stops the clock and starts the power of doing nothing. 

How a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Swim Spa creates a balance of wellness, work and recovery for Adam Peaty

With Adam Peaty completely settled with his Jacuzzi® products, he shares his thoughts on how he uses his hot tub and swim spa, the physical and mental benefits for both himself, his friends and what he hopes his young son George can gain from having the products on the doorstep.

Adam Peaty podcast


Adam is one of our ambassadors regularly featured in the Jacuzzi® Podcast - centred around recovery, relaxation and wellness.

How a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Swim Spa creates a balance of wellness, work and recovery for Adam Peaty

With Adam Peaty completely settled with his Jacuzzi® products, he shares his thoughts on how he uses his hot tub and swim spa day-to-day, and the benefits for both himself and those around him. 

Away from the pool

Renovating her garden, Kimberley has created a stunning landscape in which to enjoy family time together, and a big part of this has been the incorporation of Jacuzzi® products. 

"For us as a family, Jacuzzi® products have added so much value to our time outside."

Having designed the garden with the Jacuzzi® J-19 PowerPro™ swim spa and J-335™ hot tub in mind, they have created a haven from the world where every member of the family can relax and enjoy both products. 

The Product Mix

Adam Peaty PowerPro swim spa

Adam Peaty and the Jacuzzi® J-19 PowerPro™ Swim Spa

Pro may be in the name but the J-19 PowerPro™ swim spa can be used by swimmers of all abilities. Using Jacuzzi’s most advanced swim jet technology, variable resistance enables any swimmer from beginner to advanced, to cusomise the swim current. 

With four hydromassage seats, the J-19 PowerPro™ swim spa is also a multi-functioning spa. It allows you to swim, exercise and relax, all in the same place. To put it simply, the-19™ is an all-round wellness centre that can be used by everyone, year-round.   

Adam Peaty hot tub install

Adam Peaty and the Jacuzzi® J-335™ Hot Tub

The Jacuzzi® J-335™ hot tub is a popular Jacuzzi® hot tub with recognition to prove it. 

The model won the recent WhatSpa? 2022 best buy and the award for GQ best hard-shell hot tub. 

With seating for up to 5 people, relieving Hydrosoothe ™ massage pillows and 44 jets from the PowerPro® range, the J-335™ hot tub is an ideal family hot tub that delivers on quality, rejuvinating hydrotherapy. 

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