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Turn your connected home and smart devices into your personalized hot tub assistant, from adjusting key hot tub settings from near and far to real-time energy reports and notifications to you and your dealer when your hot tub needs attention.
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Product Details

Product Details

  • 6-7 Person Hot Tub
  • 7 Upright Seats
  • 41 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Infrared and Red Light therapy
  • ClearRay® UV-C Technology
  • SmartTub® System

Introducing the groundbreaking J-LX®, the ultimate innovation that is transforming the industry yet again. This extraordinary product combines the power of patent-pending Infrared and Red Light therapy with the soothing benefits of hydromassage, delivering an unparalleled experience of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Designed with a modern aesthetic, the J-LX® boasts clean and simple lines that complement any environment. Its open seating layout offers seven carefully crafted ergonomic seating options, ensuring maximum comfort and personalised indulgence for every user.

The J-LX® is more than just a hot tub; it is a sanctuary of wellness and tranquillity. The integration of Infrared and Red Light therapy harnesses the therapeutic properties of light, promoting cell regeneration and enhancing overall well-being. Combining this advanced technology with the soothing power of hydromassage, the J-LX® provides a holistic rejuvenation experience unlike any other.

With its unrivalled design and cutting-edge features, the J-LX® sets a new standard for luxury and innovation in the industry. Immerse yourself in pure bliss and enjoy the remarkable benefits of this exceptional product. The J-LX® is truly a game-changer, revolutionising the way we experience relaxation and wellness.

Health Benefits

Setting the industry standard, Jacuzzi® is the first and only brand to offer Infrared and Red Light Technology across multiple wellness products. Indulge in the synergistic effects of Hydromassage, Red Light, and Infrared therapies, working together seamlessly to provide a groundbreaking wellness experience.

Pioneering this innovative, patent-pending technology on the J-LX® and J-400™ hot tub collections, Jacuzzi® introduces Infrared and Red Light technology to its FX hydrotherapy Seat. This cutting-edge seat effortlessly combines full-back and neck hydromassage with (NIR) waves and specialised deep Red Light therapy, targeting the lumbar region of the lower back for clinically proven health and well-being benefits.

Founded on extensive research, Infrared and Red Light therapy safely penetrate beyond the skin's surface to the cellular level, delivering relief to soft tissues, muscles, and joints. These therapies also promote improved blood flow, skin health, muscle elasticity, flexibility, range of motion, and overall rejuvenation for the entire body.

Efficient Running Costs

All Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs undergo rigorous testing by the CEC - California Energy Commission. Findings reveal that on average, our hot tubs are 22% more efficient than the strict standards they set.

Combining more than 65 years of research and development with key innovations, Jacuzzi® can reduce both maintenance and energy costs. Our SmartTub® app allows us to get actual real-world usage data and on average, our UK customers use around 5kWh per day* to enjoy their Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. To put that into perspective, it is only about the same as a family of 4 taking a 10-minute shower a day.

All Jacuzzi® hot tubs incorporate dual-layer insulation, making them the most energy-efficient spas on the market today. The JLX® Collection combines the best of our insulation technologies to make them the most energy-efficient collection that Jacuzzi® offers.

Thanks to our high-quality design, insulation and smart technology, the Jacuzzi® J-LXL™ hot tub exceeds these standards, giving you the peace of mind that you are choosing one of the most energy-efficient spas in the world when buying from Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi’s patented CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen water purification system uses the natural cleaning power of active oxygen to destroy waterborne pathogens and contaminates. As a result, a Jacuzzi® hot tub will use up to 50% less chlorine or bromine than a similar-sized spa, making the water kinder on your skin and helping to reduce running costs in the long term.

  • 330 gal / 1249 l
  • 855 lb / 388 kg
  • 41
  • 1-Speed, 5.1 HP brake, 2.5 HP continuous, 56 Frame
  • 1-Speed, 5.1 HP brake, 2.5 HP continuous, 56 Frame
  • Yes
  • 86.36
  • 226.06
  • 226.06
  • 1636.0
  • 1249.0
  • 330.0



Patented IR Technology


New and Exclusive to Jacuzzi®, our revolutionary FX therapy seat now features patent-pending technology which effortlessly integrates hydromassage with Near-Infrared and deep Red Light therapy; targeting the lumbar region of the lower back to deliver a variety of clinically proven benefits beneath the skin's surface.

Modern Design


Ultra contemporary geometric design enhances your outdoor space with crisp lines and dramatic exterior lighting, while the infinity-edge waterfall provides a soothing experience.

SmartTub® System


Connect to your hot tub from anywhere with a cellular connection with our patented SmartTub® technology. Control key features including water temperature, jets, filtration, lights and more. Save energy and schedule your soaks with Smart Heat Mode, and save up to 25% on standby heating. Control, manage and track Infrared and Red Light therapy.



We’ve combined Ozone and UV-C technology to provide a hands-free approach to water care. Our 5-stage filtration process means fewer water changes and less effort for you. CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ technology harnesses the natural power of air and light to clean water and reduce hot tub chemical usage by up to 50%.

Seating & Jets

FX-IR Therapy Seat

Jacuzzi is the first and only brand to offer Infrared and Red Light therapy across a range of wellness products, from saunas, to swim spas, to hot tubs. Premiering in the J-LX® Collection, the FX-IR Seat combines patent-pending Infrared and Red Light therapy with hydromassage for unmatched rejuvenation.


Specialty RX jets, located throughout the hot tub, deliver a powerful steady rotation that provides full coverage massage to relieve muscle tension in your shoulders and back.


Two MX jets produce high volume massage action to release tension in the lower back. Completely adjustable jet nozzles put massage control at your fingertips.

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