The Jacuzzi brothers received a Gold Medal Award for their invention - The J-300™; a new type of pump that drew water out of the ground more efficiently than any pump that came before it. They successfully revolutionized hydraulic pumps used for agriculture. 

By the 1950's, the Jacuzzi brothers utilized their expertise in hydraulics to benefit a young family member stricken with painful rheumatoid arthritis. They created an aerating pump designed to be submerged in a bathtub to provide pain-relieving hydrotherapeutic treatments and pioneering the at-home hydrotherapy industry. 

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The J-300™ Pump turned normal bathtubs into a relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic home experience. The idea started a niche market and Jacuzzi® became a household name thanks in part to an appearance on the show, Queen for a Day. 

According to data collected from 1,850 smart tubs in the UK during the period from January 1st, 2022, to December 31st, 2022, the average daily operating cost of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is approximately 5kWH or £1.70.  

This calculation is based on the current unit cost of 34p. These figures represent real-world usage of the hot tubs. However, it is important to note that determining the exact cost of running a hot tub can be challenging due to various factors.  

The expenses will depend on factors such as usage frequency, desired water temperature, insulation quality, hot tub location, and more. For further information on hot tub running costs and energy efficiency, please refer to our dedicated pages. 

Thanks to advanced water management and filtration systems, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever—routine tasks take just a few minutes a week: 

  • Water: Check the chemical levels weekly with test strips and adjust them by adding the appropriate products per your owner’s manual—no chemistry expertise necessary. Drain and refills are only needed every 3–4 months, based on use.  

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  • Filter: Rinse and clean filters with a garden hose or filter flosser once per month. Replace as needed.  

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  • Cover: Use a cover to help keep your water warm and clean. It will protect your hot tub from debris and weather elements.  

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Installing a hot tub is not difficult at all. Your dealer will walk you through the process and connect you with an expert to install your hot tub.  

Although there are a few things to consider: 

  • Flat, surface area that can bare the weight of a hot tub (e.g., concrete) 
  • Electrical supply 
  • Clear access 
  • Drainage 
  • Ventilation  
  • Personal preferences (privacy, sunlight, etc.) 

You can learn more about how to prepare for your hot tub installation here. 

Read more about the special and electrical requirements for Jacuzzis® in our buyer’s guide to hot tub installation

Industry research shows that more than 76% of owners use their hot tub at least two times per week. Another survey found 98% of Jacuzzi® Brand hot tub owners would recommend purchasing one to their friends and family. Current owners will certainly tell you it’s worth it! 


In simplest terms, a swim spa is a machine that allows for uninterrupted swimming by generating a continuous swim current within its designated size, typically ranging from 13 to 19 feet. This technology, utilising hydropower, creates a swim lane that does not require touching any of the sides. Consequently, you can swim in place for as long as desired, at your preferred pace.  

Many swim spas also incorporate hydromassage seats, which combine the benefits of a hot tub and a swimming pool. This provides a convenient alternative to purchasing installing a hot tub or swimming pool. With a swim spa, you can enjoy aquatic exercises, swimming, and hydromassage all in one product. 

A Jacuzzi® swim spa is essentially a pool that can be used anytime of the year, thanks to the combination of strong shell, foam insulation, SmartSeal® technology, insulated floor, and fully adjustable venting. 

Whether swim spas are worth it or not is subjective from person to person, if you will benefit from at home exercise and hydrotherapy, among other things- then a swim spa could be for you. 

Read about swim spa health benefits, how they can add value to your home, pros, cons and more. 

Swim spas are very versatile when it comes to installation. Whether you choose to create an indoor pool retreat or a more traditional back garden pool paradise, your swim spa can be installed in-ground, freestanding, vaulted into the ground, partially recessed inground, or with a deck surround. 

The site preparation you’ll need to complete prior to installation day will be determined by the location and installation style you choose. Running the proper electrical lines, pouring a strong, even foundation, determining suitable drainage and ventilation, and equipment access.  

Your Jacuzzi® Swim Spa dealer will walk you through and help you prepare for a successful swim spa installation. 

The cost and installation of a swim spa will cost you around £20,000 to £40,000, whereas a swimming pool will cost you anywhere from around £50,000 to £150,000. 

It’s hard to give a with an established answer because there are many factors involved. This includes – brand, installation requirements in your location, customisations, landscaping and more.   

Based on information from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA), the daily energy cost of running a swim spa is estimated to be around £6-8. In comparison, an outdoor swimming pool would cost approximately £10-15 in energy expenses. 


It's important to consider other running costs associated with both products, including maintenance, third-party cleaning, chemicals, and other factors. 

Learn more about the factors that contribute to the cost discrepancies between swim spas and swimming pools, as well as their other differences.


Generally, the size of the bathing area in the bathroom will determine whether a 5-foot, 6-foot or corner bath is selected. If space is not an issue then other factors can be considered. Most consumers’ compare the features, performance, style, comfort and price of the various baths being evaluated.

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When looking at a whirlpool bath you must establish the reference point, which is the suction cover. When standing directly in front of the bath the suction cover should be right beneath you. (The Mito™ is an exception to this rule. For this unit the suction cover will be across from you.) Having located the suction cover:

  • On an end-drain bath, the right hand or left hand designation refers to the location of the drain.
  • On an end-drain bath, the pump and motor location will be at the opposite end from the drain.
  • On a center-drain bath, the right hand or left hand designation refers to the pump and motor location.
  • An Authorized Jacuzzi Bath Dealer or Distributor can provide you with additional information for your particular application.

A general rule of thumb is that the water heater should be two-thirds the size of the water capacity of the bath. For example, a 60-gallon bath would require a 40-gallon water heater. This rough formula does not take into consideration other demands that might be placed on the water heater. We recommend that a plumber be consulted for your particular application.

Jacuzzi® Bath Collection baths are covered by limited lifetime warranties that apply to the bath and all factory installed components. A more detailed warranty explanation can be found on the warranties page. (Limitations and exclusions are referenced in the manual.)

View our list of current operating/installation instructions. Out-of-print operating/Installation Instructions can be obtained through one of our Master Parts Distributors.

Replacement parts and repair parts can be obtained through any one of our nine Master Parts Distributors.

In the event that servicing the pump/motor should become necessary, the access would facilitate this.

The model and serial number is located in three places:

  • On a label located on the back page of your Operating/Installation Instructions. (With the warranty information)
  • On a white label located on the bath vessel near the pump/motor.
  • On the shell under the suction cover. (Rectangular cover/filter inside of bath)

If you hear a clicking sound when you push the Magic Touch, the ground fault circuit interrupter, (GFCI) may be tripped. This is most likely located at your breaker panel but can be located at the pump/motor plug. Reset the breaker. If the motor still will not turn on, call your nearest Authorized Service Agent at 1-800-288-4002.