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Is a portable hot tub worth it? (Review, price, running costs and more)

September 21, 2023 

Estimated read time – 2 minutes

Author – Fin Green – Content Writer UK, Jacuzzi Group 

Are you wondering if purchasing a portable hot tub is going to be a valuable investment? Wondering if portable hot tubs are any good and if they're worth the investment?

Here at Jacuzzi, we’re aware that these are some of the many questions you may be thinking. By the time you finish this article, you should be able to work out if a portable hot tub is the product for you. 

Portable hot tub sun UK

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (April 18, 2023) and may change without notice. 

What is a portable hot tub? 

A portable hot tub is defined by its componentry and structure. The simplest way to picture this is whether important parts such as pumps, heaters and plumbing are contained within the cabinet. If the tub is fully self-contained and free standing, it is a portable hot tub.  As an example, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs within the J-200 , J-300 and J-400 collections are portable. 

We recommend you read this article to learn more about the differences between other tub types. 

Are portable hot tubs a good investment? 

Like any investment, be it a quality car, watch or handbag the more you pay for a product, the greater the quality, features and longevity you will gain as an owner.  

As you take your first steps on your buying journey, we recommend you think about the ‘why’ and visualise what you want to gain from having a hot tub in your life, rather than the retail price. This will help guide you towards a brand and model that is worth your investment.   

As an example, if you want a hot tub that is going to make your body feel relaxed or be part of your recovery process after exercising, then a hot tub with quality hydromassage features will suit you well. Although a quality hydrotherapy portable hot tub may be priced higher than others you see on the market, it’s likely that the benefits of this feature alone will make you feel that the investment is indeed ‘worth it’. 

How much does a portable hot tub cost?

The price range for portable hot tubs varies. There are many brands on offer within the UK market that are built to different quality standards and equipped with a range of features. Portable hot tub retail prices can range from approximately £2,995 to more than £25,000.  

Like owning a car or a home, there are also running costs to factor in to keep the tub in best working condition. These costs vary depending on the brand, model, build quality, and what features the hot tub comes with. 

Should I be buying a more expensive portable hot tub? 

Hot tubs can look very similar when they are filled with water so you may be wondering what benefits you will gain from considering a higher priced option? 

Let’s take a look at the key differences that set the price tags apart between the Jacuzzi® J-215™ and J-495™. 

Jacuzzi® J-215  

Price - £6,099 

Dimensions – 168 x 193 x 81cm 

Seats – Up to 3 seats 

Jets – 19 Classic Jets 

Insulation – Full foam 

Water care and filtration – 1 x 50sq ft filter, debris basket and CLEARRAY® active oxygen water purification system 

Pumps –1 x 2 speed pump, 1 x single speed pump


Warranties - 10 years: shell structure, 7 years: shell surface, 2 years: equipment, controls and plumbing, 1 year: cabinet, 30 days: fuses, headrests, cabinet finish, filters

Included features - Multicolour LED lighting, Plug-and-play option, LED control panel, EcoSheild Insulation, waterfall 

Optional extrasSmartTub™compatible, BLUEWAVE® spa stereo 

Jacuzzi® J-495™ 

Price - £19,999

Dimensions – 231 x 279 x 95cm (110.5cm at the back)  

Seats – Up to 9 seats  

Jets – 71 patented PowerPro® Jets


Insulation – Full foam with SmartSeal® insulation 

Water care and filtration – CLEARRAY® active oxygen water purification system, low output ozone generator and ProClarity® Filter

Pumps – 3 jet pumps, 1 high flow ProStream™ circulation pump


Warranties – 10 years: shell structure, 7 years: shell surface, 4 years: equipment, controls and plumbing, 5 years: cabinet, 30 days: fuses, headrests, cabinet finish, filters

Included features - 2.0 Bluetooth Audio Sound System, SmartTub® hardware module and app, four headrests, two premium waterfalls, ProTouch™ Topside Control, ProLast™ or ProLast™ Extreme hot tub covers, lighting in: jet, waterfall, logo, headrest and coasters. QuickDrain, CompleteDrain and Quick View Status Indicator. 

To put it simply, a more expensive portable hot tub such as a J-495™ has many advantages over a lesser model. This includes everything from size, capacity, seat structure, jet technology, user control technology, lighting, stereos, design and more. 

This does not necessarily mean that a lower priced tub, in comparison, such as the J-215™ is a bad choice. Whether or not a higher priced hot tub is worth it, is completely down to whether its features and energy efficiency abilities will be a benefit to your lifestyle.


If a premium tub is an option you want to learn more about, we recommend you read this review article - Best luxury hot tub brands in the UK - Top options reviewed

Portable hot tub outside on tiles

Is a portable hot tub worth the running costs? 

A portable hot tub will be worth the continuous running costs if the model you’re considering ticks the boxes for you. Choosing an option that costs less to run than many other options on the market will add even more value to being a hot tub owner! 

If you’re wondering how you can get more for your money? These three features or upgrades will help you keep your power bill down.  

-Insulation – A hot tub equipped with quality insulation will prevent heat escaping from the water and prevent the need to constantly heat the water.  

-Cover – A lot of heat escapes from the top of the tub. A hot tub cover filled with quality insulation, snug and can withstand different weather conditions will also help reduce heating. 

-Water care – Quality hot tub options should be equipped with systems that require less frequent replacement parts or refills and actually require less maintenance time too. 

To learn more about running costs, read this article – How much does it cost to run a hot tub in the UK 2023? 

Why should I buy a portable hot tub? 

If you do think a portable hot tub is worth purchasing, we have noted a few extra perks that may help you come to a decision:  

  • Hydrotherapy massages at your doorstep 
  • Fun with family and friends or a relaxing alone 
  • Longevity – can last for many years 
  • Relocatable 
  • Finance available with a lot of brands 
  • Price – range of retail prices to suit different budgets 
  • Features – range offered and upgrades available to suit different wants and needs 
  • Relocatable – self-contained and free standing 

Why should I not buy a portable hot tub? 

Portable hot tubs can be pricey investments, so it’ is important to be aware of a few reasons why you might not want to purchase one.  

  • Can be expensive depending on quality, features and running costs 
  • Running costs and maintenance call outs have a fee (when out of warranty) 
  • Possible, but not easy to regularly move like an inflatable hot tub
  • Purchasing for commercial use 
  • There is no room to swim. If this is a priority, a swim spa will be a better option for you.  
  • If it feels like an impulse buying decision rather than an investment for the true benefits a hot tub can offer 


We hope that after reading this article you have a clearer idea about whether you can see a portable hot tub fitting into your lifestyle, or if you're best to explore other options.

Like any product, portable hot tubs are available at a range of price points, quality of materials, features, optional and of course have their pros and cons. Once you've taken these points into account, you'll be able to work out if a portable hot tub is worth it for you and those using it.

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