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Best hot tubs in the UK 2023 - Top 5 brands reviewed

June 28, 2023

Estimated read time - 7 minutes

Author – Annabella Garwood, Content Manager UK, Jacuzzi Group  

Thinking of buying a hot tub and wondering what the best options are in the UK market? We're aware that there are many brand, models and hot tub reviews out there, so it's understandable you'll be looking for some peace of mind that you’re browsing in the right direction!

To help make life easier for you, this review covers what we believe are the top 5 best UK hot tub brands in the UK in 2023.  

Jacuzzi hot tub in london

This article includes a brief history and overview of each brand (which are listed in no particular order), collections offered, price ranges, pros, cons and a summary from Sebastian Marsh – UK Sales Manager, Jacuzzi Group.  

From here, you should be well on track to finding a hot tub that could be a perfect fit for you.

The hot tub brands we will review in this article are:    

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Jacuzzi Group. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (June 27, 2023) and may change without notice. Any trademark rights as Sundance® Spas, Hydropool™, Hot Spring®, Master Spas® and Jacuzzi® belong to the businesses trading under these names.  


What should all good hot tubs come with?  

Before we get started, you may be asking yourself, how do I work out which is the best hot tub in the UK for me to buy and what are the best hot tub brands? 


We recommend you read this article to learn about the top features you should expect a very good hard shell hot tub to come with, in the UK.

This will help you gain a clear picture of what you should expect from a good value hot tub before we go into more detail with hot tub brands.

Sundance Spas Optima hot tub outside

Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas was founded in 1979 by the Sundance family in Costa Mesa, California.  

The brand has since become one of the global leaders in the hot tub industry, with a reputation for innovation, quality and designing hot tubs that are family orientated and designed to suit people of all ages. Sundance® Spas is owned by Jacuzzi Brands LLC.  

Sundance® Spas offer a variety of hot tub collections, including the 980™ Series, 880™ Series, 780™ Series, and the 680™ Series.  


Sundance® Spas are designed in the US and sold through a network of 750 independent retail locations across 75 countries.  

The hot tubs are full hydrotherapy spas with LED lighting, advanced control and filtration systems. The brand’s patented Fluidix® jets create high-performing jet streams that provide a deep tissue massage.  

These hot tubs are also equipped with a MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System, available on select models. This helps keep the water clear and free of bacteria.  

Sundance® Spas also come with several entertainment and hygiene options. These include sound systems, UV-C water purifier (CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™) as well as an aromatherapy system.  

The Sundance® Spas Optima in the 880™ Series is an award-winning 7-seater hot tub with some industry recognised features including – silent air injector jets that you can insert fragrance beads into, and massage jets in the foot dome.  

Sundance® Spas prices in the UK  

Prices are not displayed on the UK website. However, Sundance® Spas hot tubs do range in price from around £6,599 to £21,999.  


-40+ years in hot tub industry  

-Designed in the US  

-Industry leading hydrotherapy technology (including patented Fluidix® Jets)  

-Best in class patented horizontal Microclean® filtration  

-Quality, value for money materials and features  



-Higher price point compared to some other brands  

-Large filter house takes up space in hot tub (in certain models)  

-Limited shell and colour options in 680™ Series  

Why does Sundance® Spas make our top 5?  

Sundance Spas® provide a great combination of quality materials and components, patented features, including the Fluidix® jets which provide one of the best hydromassage in the marketplace. 

Time in industry and models designed for different uses, environments and socialising makes this brand one of several top options to consider in the UK.

Hydropool hot tub outside in garden

Hydropool Hot Tubs  

Hydropool™ is a hot tub and swim spa brand originally founded in Canada in 1978. They began as retailers with a company called California Spa, Sauna and Fitness and were the first dealer of hot tubs in eastern Canada.  

In 1995 they started manufacturing swim spas with the AquaTrainer and have created two other collections to accompany it. Hydropool™ now has more than 400 independent retailers worldwide in 60 different countries. Their hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  

Hydropool™ Hot Tubs is owned by Jacuzzi Brands LLC, which acquired the brand in 2017.  

Hydropool™ offers a range of hot tub collections including Signature Self-Cleaning and Serenity. These collections come with varying sizes, features, and price ranges to cater to different customer needs. 


One of the features that Hydropool™ is most recognised for in the industry is their self-cleaning system, which is included in the Self-Cleaning Collection and available in standard gold or a platinum upgrade. This means the hot tubs clean themselves every 15 minutes using advanced filtration and water purification technology.

Hydropool™ has also created a hydrotherapy zone therapy system which is a personalised usage map for your hot tub.  

The Serenity Collection is another popular range of Hydropool™ hot tubs, designed to provide relaxation and stress relief. These hot tubs feature ergonomic seating, massaging jets, and sound systems to create a great hydrotherapy experience.  

Hydropool prices in the UK  

Hydropool™ hot tubs range in price in the UK from £7,295 - £20,995.  



-Nearly 50 years in industry  

-Made in Canada, and designed with cool climates in mind  

-Hot tubs meet California Energy Commission standards  

-Innovative features including self-cleaning system and zone therapy and pre-programmed massages  



-No upturn base for greater protection from water and rodents  

-Higher price point compared to some other brands of hot tubs on the market 


Why does Hydropool™ make our top 5?  

With decades of experience and development in the industry, Hydropool™ focuses on making hot tub ownership easier, insulation for energy efficiency, as well as making the most of hydrotherapy seating in the hot tub. There are all important factors to be prioritising, therefore allowing Hydropool™ to make our top 5 list. They are also made in Canada and designed for cold climates, also useful for new hot tub owners in the UK.  

Master Spas®   

Master Spas® is a hot tub and swim spa manufacturer that was founded in 1996 by Bob Lauter and his brother-in-law Dave Hatley. The company started as a small operation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  


In 2007, Master Spas® became an international business, opening an office in Canada. Since then, they have expanded further through a network of independent retailers. Today, Master Spas® is one of the recognised brands in the hot tub industry.  


Master Spas® offers a range of hot tubs and swim spas with different sizes, shapes, and features to meet various customer needs. They offer the following collections – Michael Phelps Legend® Series, Twilight Series®, Storm Range and Clarity Spas™.  

The hot tubs range in seat capacity from 3 to 8 seaters across both square and triangular corner-hot tub designs. Some of the features marketed by Master Spas® include the Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, which utilised magnetic therapy. They also have a focus on hydrotherapy, lighting and sound systems.  


Master Spas® prices in the UK  

Pricing is not displayed on the Master Spas® UK website. You will need to request pricing online or visit a dealer.  



-Manufactured in Indiana, US  

-Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System is standard on Master Spas® hot tubs  

-Foam insulation meets California Energy Commission standards  

-Offer compact and triangle shaped hot tubs  



-Not as visually appealing as some other hot tubs at similar price point  

-Barriers within individual seating can make it harder to move around the hot tub  


Why does Hot Spring® make our top 5? 

Master Spas® is a reputable brand in the UK, although younger than other hot tub brands on the market here, that offers quality hot tubs, with a focus on hydrotherapy and energy efficiency.

The product line up offers a range of size and shape options, as well as a generous number of shell and cabinet colours to choose from.  

Hot Spring®  

Established in 1977 by Jeff and Jon Watkins when they built their first Hot Spring® portable spa, the company has grown since then to sell over a million spas worldwide. 

They are manufactured by Watkins Wellness, a member of the MASCO family of brands, out of the Highlife® Collection factory in Vista, California.


Hot Spring® offers a variety of hot tub collections - Highlife®, Limelight®, and Hot Spot®. The hot tubs come with good quality jets, water filtration systems, durable and ergonomic seating.

The patented Moto-Massage® DX jet is a feature unique to Hot Spring®. Some of their models can also be equipped to run as a salt water hot tub, which may still require use of chemicals.  


Hot Spring® prices in the UK   

Hot Spring® hot tub prices are not displayed on the UK website. You will need to request pricing online or in store.  



-Manufactured in Vista, California  

-Hot tubs meet California Energy Commission standards  

-Moto-Massage® DX jet, unique to Hot Spring®  

-Attractive designs  



-Pricing not displayed on website  

-FreshWater® salt system can be expensive and confusing. Used to turn salt into chlorine.  


Why does Hot Spring® make our top 5?  

Hot Spring® genuinely make great hot tubs that are robust, eye-catching and focus on creating effective cleaning systems, energy efficient features and massage options, such as their Moto-Massage® DX Jet.  

Jacuzzi hot tub in Autumn garden

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs  

The Jacuzzi® Brand was founded more than 65 years ago by the Jacuzzi brothers in the United States. The creation of the hydrotherapy J-300 pump, based on a need to help a family member suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, became the starting point for the hot tub industry we know today. 


The company has retailers in more than 100 countries and five continents. It manufactures its products in North America, Europe and offers three hot tub collections - the luxury option being the J-400™ collection.  

Jacuzzi has continued to innovate and evolve its products over the decades.

There are three hot tub collections - J-200™, J-300™ and J-400™. Jacuzzi® Swim Spas, baths, saunas and pergolas are also part of the product line up offered by Jacuzzi in the UK.  

You will find there are more than 30 Jacuzzi® showrooms in the UK.  

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs range in size from 2 person to 9 person options, feature high quality components, a focus on energy efficiency, and more than 700 patented features including PowerPro® jet technology, CLEARRAY Active Oxygen technology™ and the SmartTub® remote-control app.  

Although the J-200™ collection offers quality and value and a great introduction to hydrotherapymodels in the J-400™ collection are equipped with premium quality materials and features.  

How much do Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs cost?  

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs prices are displayed on the website and range in price from £5,799.00 to £21,349.00.  



-65+ years in industry  

-Designed in North America and Europe  

-High quality materials and design  

-Hot tubs meet California Energy Commission standards  

-SmartTub® app with cellular connection  



- Higher price point compared to other brands  

- Limited customisation options for some models  


Why does Jacuzzi make our top 5?  

The Jacuzzi® brand has evolved over its nearly 70 years in the industry to create credible hot tubs that are centred around design, innovation and performance.


We’re completely aware that Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are not the cheapest on the market and they aren’t for everyone.

However, the quality of materials and equipment used, patented hydromassage and filtration systems, as well as finding ways to make hot tub ownership easier and more cost effective (such as SmartTub®) make Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs worth adding to this list.  

Summary - Which hot tub brand is best? 

To summarise this new information you’re taking in, if you are looking for a reliable hot tub in the UK that’s good quality and good value for money, a hot tub from Sundance® Spas could be a good option.  

Like the thought of a hot tub with programmed hydrotherapy massage and is designed for cold climates? You may like to check out Hydropool™ Hot Tubs.  

If you want a brand that has a great variety of choice for size, shape and collections, you may want to consider Master Spas®.  

If you are looking for the best in design and technology, we recommend HotSpring® and Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs.  

We understand Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs aren’t going to be the brand that ticks the boxes for everyone. However, if you’re keen to learn more about our products, download our Hot Tub Buyer's Guide.  

In this buying guide you can learn everything you need to know about hydromassage options, how to find the right hot tub to fit your home, and how to choose the best hot tub for you.  

You can also search for your nearest Jacuzzi® showroom and get in touch or visit one of our stores or more than 30 independant dealerships around the UK.   

Disclaimer: The following registered trademarks are owned by companies not affiliated in any way with Jacuzzi Group.  

Sundance® Spas, 980™ Series, 880™ Series, 780™ Series, 680™ Series, Fluidix® jets, MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System are trademarks owned by Sundance Spas Inc, Hydropool™ is a trademark owned by Hydropool Inc, HotSpring®, Highlife®, Limelight®, and Hot Spot®, Moto-Massage® DX jet, FreshWater® are trademarks owned by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation. Master® Spas, Michael Phelps Legend® Series, Twilight Series®, Clarity Spas™, Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System are trademarks owned by Master Spas Inc.  

Affiliations: Jacuzzi® is a registered trademark of Jacuzzi Group. All rights reserved.